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Megatrends: Forces that Move Markets and Shape Economies

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  • 07 Sep 2022

Market forces

Climate Change, Demographics and the Reinvention of Capitalism

Nowadays, many capital allocators focus on short-term dynamics, such as quarterly earnings or changes in investor sentiment. This collection of research papers encourages investors to look beyond the horizon and engage with the structural forces that impact investment returns over the long-term.

Sustainable By Nature Sequel: Portfolio Biodiversity Footprint (BNP Paribas AM)

Each capital allocation decision has a biodiversity footprint as each economic actor leaves a mark on the environment. How can the impact be evaluated?

The making of long-term capitalism (BlackRock)

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Companies and investors must look beyond the short-term allure of profits and consider also long-term dynamics, such as the climate change crisis and its associated risks.

Demographic Deficit and Rising Cost of Capital: The 10 Years (Lombard Odier IM)

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The consistent growth of the post-war workforce that has fuelled economic growth seems to be in reverse. Will demographics turn into a headwind for economic growth?

How Water Scarcity Cannot Be Addressed Without a Circular Economy (Man Group)

The circular economy is one of the megatrends of today's fast-changing world. Using water as an example, the Man Institute shows how investors can help build that economy.

The Embarrassing Legacy of Financial Capitalism (Amundi)

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Amundi argues that markets have suffered from underinvestment in the ‘old economy‘ and lays out the consequences for investors in today’s financial environment.

The Circular Economy: A potential value driver across industries (AXA IM)

The idea of a circular economy is gaining traction. This paper examines opportunities for companies and investors when moving away from the linear economic model.

The Structural Drivers of Investment Returns (Hussman Funds)

The drivers of investment returns over the long-term are not always easy to spot. This piece provides an in-depth look at structural drivers behind U.S. equities' valuations.

Five Global Demographic Trends to Drive Real Assets Demand (CBRE)

CBRE presents a study on how evolving demographics are likely to change the demand for real assets, looking at the U.S., the UK, the Eurozone, Japan, Australia, and China.

Global Megatrends 2022 (Project Management Institute)

Megatrends are the powerful forces that shape markets and economies. The PMI looks at digital disruption, the climate crisis, demographics, economic shifts, and labour shortages in great detail.