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Top 16 Investment Papers in October 2016

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  • 01 November 2016
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Savvy Investor continues to grow rapidly. In October, our members downloaded over 12,000 papers from the site - a new record!

Here is a sample of the 16 most popular or trending papers from October 2016, covering a range of pensions and investment topics:

Wall Street US Flag investment papers October 2016

The top 16 papers of October 2016

Expected Returns 2017-2021: It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn (Robeco, Oct 2016)
This paper has been authored by Robeco. In it, the firm's strategists explain their expectations of a number of global market issues over the next five years.

The Long and the Short of It: The Quant Shorting Advantage (QMA, 2016)
This paper by QMA describes how short selling can allow investors to find alpha in often overlooked places. They also highlight the benefits of a systematic quantitative process.

The Shiller CAPE Ratio: A New Look (Jeremy Siegel, 2016)
Using the Shiller CAPE ratio, this paper by Jeremy Siegel asks whether recent future equity return forecasts may be overpessimistic following changes to the computation of GAAP earnings.

Lifetime income solutions for DC pensions (Willis Towers Watson, 2016)
A significant number of employees are not financially ready for retirement. This paper by Willis Towers Watson examines the gravity of this problem.

Will Your Factor Deliver? Factor Robustness & Implementation Costs (FAJ, 2016)
Equity factors have become very popular within the indexing world in recent years. Which of these factors are likely to profit investors once implemented?

Global Investment Outlook Q4 2016 (BlackRock)
This 11-page paper by BlackRock analyzes important upcoming investment themes and risks relevant to firms' strategies, for example: central bank policy limits; low returns environment; market volatility; markets outlook, and more.

Performance Consistency in Int'l Equities - Adaptive Quant Approach (QMA, 2016)
This paper by QMA describes how a bottom-up, quantitative investment process may be well suited to deliver consistent positive excess returns in international equity markets by focusing on two key elements of the investment process. 

Factor Investing: What's the big deal with low vol equities? (Aon Hewitt, 2016)
This paper by Aon Hewitt is part of a broader research project examining factor investing . It considers how best to access and combine factors within equity portfolios and thereafter, across asset classes.

Pension Sponsors: Don't Forget the Credit Spread! (Cambridge Associates, 2016)
This paper by Cambridge Associates explores the risk faced by plan sponsors of credit spread risk within their Defined Benefit plans portfolios.

Secular Outlook for Global Growth: 2016–2035 (Fidelity Investments)
The authors of this paper use a multi-time-horizon asset allocation approach that examines trends across the short-, medium- and long-term. They focus solely on secular trends that may influence the long-term asset class outlook.

Investor Perceptions about Smart Beta ETFs (EDHEC, 2016)
EDHEC-Risk Institute recently published this survey on the usage and perceptions of ETFs among European investment professionals. The study provides some insightful findings.

Capacity Management for Institutional Asset Owners
This paper, authored by the Centre for International Financial Regulation, examines the management of capacity from the perspective of an institutional asset owner running a multi-asset portfolio. The paper discusses how asset owners should manage capacity by using their flexibility to choose where and how they invest, in accordance with what best fits their size.