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Investment Marketing Research - top white papers

Investment Marketing Research - top white papers

The Content Team at Savvy Investor has put together a list of papers that we believe are especially relevant for Investment Marketers and Wealth Managers.

We've selected three of the best papers from six categories: investment content, brand awareness, industry trends, fund distribution, investment management fees, wealth management, and top institutional investors. Use the search field above to uncover papers on these and other topics.

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Wealth Management

Relationship Alpha: The Emerging Competitive Advantage in Wealth Management (CFA Institute Research Foundation, 2019)

This paper describes "relationship alpha" as a reinvention of the client experience, in order to benefit both the customer and the firm. The document includes advice on training exercises, client reporting and client meetings, with the aim of transforming an advisory practice. 

Asset & Wealth Management 2025: The Asian Awakening (PwC)

PwC provides insight into the key trends in the Asia-Pacific asset and wealth management industry, where growth in AUM is rising faster than any other global region.

Allianz Global Wealth Report 2018

This detailed report by Allianz Global Investors examines recent trends and regional differences in the global wealth market.

Content and Brand Awareness

Investment Content Quarterly Trends (Savvy Investor, May 2019)

Savvy Investor is uniquely well-positioned to discuss content trends in institutional investment. This first edition of the "Investment Content Quarterly" (ICQ), provides market intelligence and insight, enabling investment marketers to understand key trends and fine-tune their content strategy. 

The Importance of Brand Awareness (eVestment)

This paper describes how and why brand awareness can affect the growth of an investment management firm. This quarterly document reveals the firms in eVestment’s database with the highest brand awareness.

Advantage Viewership Report, March 2019 (eVestment)

This quarterly document from eVestment is designed to reveal the asset managers and investment themes of interest to institutional investors and investment consultants.

Industry Trends

How Asset Managers Can Win in a Winner-Takes-All World (Boston Consulting Group)

The asset management industry is experiencing ongoing pressure on fees and margins, but many firms have been slow to reduce costs. BCG suggests two contrasting strategies: one defensive and one aggressive.

Asset Managers & Wholesale Banks: Growth in Disruption (Oliver Wyman)

Is asset management still a growth sector, in the face of increasing margin pressure? Oliver Wyman examines the environment for financial firms and provides some strategic advice.

Will the good times keep rolling for Asia's asset managers? (McKinsey, 2018)

Assets at Asian asset managers are growing at around 10% pa. McKinsey surveys the market place and examines the strategies being followed by local and foreign asset management firms.

Sales and Fund Distribution

Distribution Excellence: 5 Fundamentals for a Disciplined Approach (eVestment)

eVestment describes "the Distribution Excellence Framework" which they suggest as a disciplined, integrated strategy to help asset managers achieve their distribution goals.

Changes and Opportunities in European Cross-Border Fund Distribution (Deloitte)

Deloitte examines the cross-border fund distribution model, which has been a success because of the development of key cross-border hubs, such as those in Luxembourg and Ireland.

Best Practices in Formal Meetings with Investment Consultants (Greenwich Assoc)

This Greenwich Associates brief is intended to help asset management firms, and particularly consultant relations staff, to prepare, execute and successfully navigate formal meetings with investment consultants.

Investment Management Fees

The State of Institutional Separate Account Fees 2019 (eVestment)

By examining more than 8,000 products on its own platform, and extracting actual fee data from thousands of public fund documents, eVestment has been able to put together this detailed document which surveys the marketplace for separate account fees.

Trends in the Expenses and Fees of Funds (ICI, 2018)

In this 30 page paper, the Investment Company Institute examines the most up-to-date trends in the expenses and fees of investment funds.

Fee and Performance Analysis (AIST/SuperRatings, 2019)

This report examines the fees and returns of AIST member funds, compared to the funds run (mainly by banks) in the for-profit sector. The figures shows that AIST member funds have generated returns for members well in excess of the returns from bank and retail-owned super funds.

Institutional Investors

The 2018 Global Family Office Report (UBS AM)

This bumper 84-page document from UBS Asset Management examines the family office sector worldwide. With data from over 300 family offices, this report is a rich source of data for the global family office and private wealth marketplace.

The World's Largest Pension Funds (Willis Towers Watson)

Compiled by Willis Towers Watson's "Thinking Ahead Institute", this 46 page report provides an excellent snapshot of the world's largest pension funds.

The World's 100 Largest Investment Consultants

A short list of the top 100 global investment consultants, ranked by institutional assets under advisement.