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  • 18 Aug 2020
  • Updated 09 Sep 2020

Top Papers and Conferences on Investment Marketing

Given the conflux of fee compression, competition, and regulatory pressure facing the investment management industry today, marketing and engagement efforts have never been more important for investment firms. At the same time, connecting with asset owners and other institutional investors, generating brand awareness and differentiating a company's product offering are all tasks that are becoming increasingly complex. 

With all of this in mind, we've provided a few papers below that we believe are of great relevance to the investment marketing industry, including salary reports for marketing professionals, surveys on content marketing, and investment industry trends. We'd also like to invite you to register for the upcoming Digital Client Engagement conference being held in early September, which features a presentation from Savvy Investor's own Head of Content.

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Conference 8-9 Sep 2020: Digital Client Engagement

Heads up! WBR is hosting a virtual event on September 8th and 9th on Digital Client Engagement. Sign up to find out how you can leverage CX as a key differentiator, achieve client centricity and efficiencies, benchmark against peers and have your pressing questions answered. You can also tune into Savvy Investor’s presentation at 1:30pm CET on the 9th to learn about Content that Converts!

2020 Marketing and Investor Relations Compensation Survey (Heidrick & Struggles)

Heidrick & Struggles has provided salary data aggregated from 300 North American investor relations and marketing professionals within the hedge funds, real estate and private equity industries.

The Asset Management Digital Marketing Survey 2018 (Kurtosys)

In this survey, Kurtosys examines trends within the asset management industry pertaining to digital marketing, including content management systems, automation platforms and other types of investment technology.

Content Marketing Among the World's Largest Asset Managers (BackBay, 2017)

BackBay Communications looks at the frequency of content production and other trends in thought leadership across the world's leading asset management firms.

Global Trends in the Asset and Wealth Management Industry 2020 (Infosys)

This recent paper from Infosys explores key trends within the asset management industry such as disintermediation, fee compression, the evolution of alternatives, digitization and hyperpersonalization.

Swipe to Invest: The story behind Millennials and ESG investing (MSCI, 2020)

Recent studies have shown that the millenial generation is 'all-in' on ESG. A much greater percentage of millennials view ESG considerations as extremely important and wish to tailor investments to their beliefs and values. MSCI explores the reasons why this connection is especially significant for the asset management industry.

Family Offices: Global landscape and key trends (INSEAD, 2020)

This INSEAD report looks inside the black box of family office investors, examining trends within the industry and best practices within family offices.

The Future of Wealth Management — A CEO agenda (BCG, 2020)

BCG takes a long-term perspective on the wealth management industry, taking a step back from viral concerns and discussing what they believe will be the most relevant issues for the industry over a 20-year timespan.

Coronavirus Rocks the Foundations of Capital Markets? (CFA Institute, Jun 2020)

CFA Institute's 64-page report covers the ways in which the coronavirus epidemic has impacted investment managers, as well as the broader asset management industry.

The Yale Endowment - 2019 review (Yale University)

What better way is there to target endowment assets than by drawing lessons from one of the largest and best managed endowment funds?

Performance Data May Not Be What It Seems! (S&P Dow Jones Indices, Jul 2020)

How can asset manager performance data be misleading? This blog unpacks an example of historical performance and advocates in favor of a more granular, disaggregated view of investment returns.

Top 100 Largest Public Pension Rankings by Total Assets (SWFI, 2020)

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute provides a list of top pension funds ordered by assets under management.

Outsourced CIO Growth in 2019: The trillion-dollar slowdown (Charles Skorina)

This update from Charles Skorina looks at the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) market as of 2019, including a list of the top OCIO firms.

Investment Consultants and ESG: An Asset Owner Guide (UN PRI, 2019)

How are asset owners thinking about their choice of consultants (and indirectly, their consultant-recommended funds) when it comes to alignment with their internal environmental, social and governance objectives?

Using Artificial Intelligence to Sell Mutual Funds (Enterprising Investor blog, Jul 2020)

The finance industry is in the midst of a digital revolution, with almost every aspect from data processing to the investment process feeling the impact. However, product distribution has so far remained relatively untouched. This paper examines why and explores how digitization can be implemented into the sales process.

Investment Fund Distribution in Asia: Challenges & Opportunities (Deloitte, 2018)

Deloitte's report is a useful reference manual for asset managers considering Asian markets as potential new markets. It provides key data about the most important markets, while also outlining local market idiosyncrasies, regulatory issues and tax frameworks.

A Guide to Selecting a New Client Communications and Reporting Vendor (SimCorp, 2020)

SimCorp outlines the crucial role that communication plays in any investment company's strategy. It is vital to the client experience and is a key benchmark by which they will judge you. This paper elaborates on the key considerations companies should consider when appointing a new communications and reporting partner.