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Investment Industry Metamorphosis

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  • 19 Oct 2020
  • Updated 20 Oct 2020

Changing Times, Changing Investment Industry

Like many industries, asset management has seen existing trends accelerated by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, putting more pressure on operating models already exhibiting signs of stress. Regulatory and reporting pressures are intensifying, and firms are facing added external scrutiny.

This collection of papers underscores a number of the operational risks and increasing complexities that asset managers and pension fund trustees face, including those associated with meeting regulatory deadlines, developing firm culture, and maintaining staff wellbeing. Potential solutions and remedies, as well as existing and emerging technologies, are highlighted.

monarch butterfly metamorphosis

Building Asset Manager Resilience in the New Normal (SimCorp, 2020)

SimCorp notes that the new normal will not be the same for asset managers as it was pre-COVID-19. Regulatory and governance pressure, already intense, has been exacerbated. To assist businesses with these and other operational risks, SimCorp offers their insights.

Outsourcing: Separating fact from fiction (State Street, 2020)

State Street offers their view on the tools, structures, and methodologies that the next generation of asset managers need to embrace and adopt. Doing so will help companies take advantage of future opportunities, while also building operational resilience.

Investment Firm Culture Change: Five keys to success (Enterprising Investor blog, 2020)

In this piece for CFA's Enterprising Investor publication, Jim Ware CFA, founder of Focus Consulting Group, outlines the key elements and attributes often associated with 'corporate culture' that most successful firms appear to demonstrate.

Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) Pulse Survey (State Street, 2020)

This podcast and paper combination from Gino Timperio, Global Head of Collateral Management and Financing at State Street, outlines the preparedness of financial institutions for the introduction of Uncleared Margin Rules.

The New Rules of Client Engagement (Aviva Investors, Aug 2020)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Apiramy Jeyarajah, Head of UK Wholesale at Aviva Investors, notes that COVID-19 has accelerated many existing trends, but one stand-out is that that the asset management industry needs to modernize its approach to client engagement rapidly.

How Good Is Your Investment Sales Team? (Enterprising Investor blog, 2020)

In this Enterprising Investor article, Alon Bochman, CFA, a partner in Genpact's capital markets consulting practice, suggests that an often overlooked aspect of the asset management business is the processes involved in the distribution of product.

Financial Services Regulatory Bulletin (PwC, Oct 2020)

This monthly bulletin from PwC outlines the most significant regulatory developments across the financial services industry.

COVID-19: Analysing approaches to mental health (Janus Henderson, Oct 2020)

Governance and Responsible Investment Team Analyst and member of the Janus Henderson Mental Health Group, Charlotte Nisbet, considers the importance of mental health and wellbeing from an investment and employer perspective.

Implementation Statement Guidance Report (PLSA, 2020)

Recent legislation has made the disclosure of Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) mandatory for pension funds. This guide from the PLSA outlines the obligations pension fund trustees have, while also providing a timeline and helpful assistance on preparing such documents.

2020 ESG Distribution Study (Kurtosys Systems, Sep 2020)

Kurtosys Systems investigates the preparedness of the global financial services industry in adopting sustainability throughout the investment distribution process, including in product availability, brand, messaging, and reporting.

Incoming EU Regulations Impacting Asset Managers (Macfarlanes, Sep 2020)

This article from Macfarlanes outlines the timeline that has been proposed by the European Commission for their Sustainable Finance Action Plan, which affects disclosures relating to ESG financial products. 

Forging New Pathways: The next innovations in financial services (WEF, 2020)

WEF's encyclopaedic report supplies insights and observations into how emerging technologies are creating new opportunities and enhancing capabilities across the financial services industry.