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Investment Industry: Latest trends

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  • 18 Jan 2021
  • Updated 14 Feb 2022

As Covid-19 Evolves, the Investment Industry Adapts to a New Normal 

Covid-19 has forced upon many, including the asset and wealth management industry, abrupt and marked changes. Working from home, new technologies and ways of interacting with clients are part of the new normal for the investment industry during and potentially post Covid.

This selection of papers looks at how the industry is evolving and changing to confront the challenges posed by new ways of working and interacting in an environment that may have changed forever. Industry margins remain under pressure, while client demands, particularly around the subject of ESG, only continue to intensify and pose challenges for many. Firms are looking to technology to provide part of the solution, but outsourcing of many functions is also becoming more common.

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Leveraging Technology for Better Enterprise Risk Management (FactSet, 2020)

In partnership with Forbes Insights, FactSet surveyed over 250 global asset managers and asset owners to better understand the ways in which organisations are utilising technology-based investment risk solutions. This report presents the survey findings which show how firms can improve efficiency, create value that makes them stand out, and drive innovation.

How Cloud Technology Can Help Improve Client Engagement (SimCorp, 2021)

SimCorp suggests ways in which cloud technology can be leveraged to aid the client engagement and customer service process. Such differentiation may become essential as client demands become ever more onerous.

Future of Sustainability in Investment Management (CFA Institute, 2021)

Balancing different stakeholder interests is one of the biggest challenges facing sustainable investing today. In recent years, the rise of sustainable investing has been phenomenal but the authors of this CFA Institute paper suggest that it may have reached an inflection point.

How is the ESG Discussion Changing for Advisors? (S&P Dow Jones Indices, 2020)

Shaun Wurzbach (Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Advisor Channel, S&P Dow Jones Indices) continues his discussion with Brie Williams (Vice President, Head of Practice Management, State Street Global Advisors) about how ESG investing is changing the landscape for advisors.

Outsourcing Arrangements in Asset Management (State Street, 2020)

In this panel discussion hosted by State Street, industry experts tackle the subject of investment outsourcing operations and how recent regulatory changes have affected the industry. A key focus of the conversation is on fund board oversight, resilience, and risk management

2021 Investment Management Outlook: Transforming to thrive (Deloitte)

Deloitte obtained the opinion of over 200 industry leaders on how their companies’ Covid-19 recovery plans were progressing. This paper presents insights into some of the lessons emerging from the pandemic, and explores how they can act as potential catalysts for business transformation.

Asset and Wealth Management: Towards a new normal (PwC, 2021)

PwC have updated their 2014 and 2017 reports on the asset and wealth management industry. They put into context the predictions made some years ago and review the current state of the industry, noting the deviations from the predicted path in those original reports.

Living Digitally: Connecting with clients (Enterprising Investor, 2020)

This piece from Enterprising Investor investigates how advisors can connect digitally with clients, and what benefits this means of communication may have on both parties.

Asset and Wealth Management Revolution: Shaping the future (PwC, 2021)

PwC argues that because the asset and wealth industry controls huge amounts of money (estimated at some $110tn), it has a responsibility to use its prime position of influence to shape a better future for a range of stakeholders.

COVID-19 and Digital Transformation in Wealth Management? (FactSet, Jan 2021)

FactSet notes the impact of Covid-19 across all industries and drills down to highlight the key impact that it has had on the asset and wealth management industry.

Sustainable Investing for Family Offices (Guernsey Green Finance, 2020)

This report highlights the potential tsunami of money held within private wealth and family offices that is likely to be committed to financing sustainability over the coming years. This is driven in part by the historic philanthropic nature of many family offices, but also by the intergenerational shift that is taking place within many of these organisations.

Issues Impacting the Private Bank Sector (Latham & Watkins, Dec 2020)

This paper by Latham & Watkins highlights regulatory and compliance issues that impact the private wealth management sector and its clients.