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Investment Industry: Latest thinking – July 2021

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  • 15 Jul 2021
  • Updated 20 Jul 2021

Continuing Evolution of Asset Management

As new investment themes emerge, and as technology advances, asset management firms need to be at the vanguard of change. Technological change can bring both additional costs in its implementation, but it also affords companies the potential to save money across significant parts of the business. 

Several papers explore how new technologies can usefully be deployed effectively, for example in client engagement and across various front office and compliance functions. Other papers examine the rising interest in ESG, how fintech companies are moving into the wealth management space, and the future role of private markets and alternatives in asset management.

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Digitalisation of Client Engagement: Investment industry debate (SimCorp, 2021)

Simcorp’s panel discussion features industry experts discussing the defining elements of a strong digital client experience and key elements that will assist in its successful adoption.

Video: Front office transformation – The future of trading (State Street, 2021)

This State Street webinar focuses on a panel discussion with experts from major consultancies commenting on the transformation that is currently underway in the front office. One of the issues discussed was the outsourcing of trading, and experts gave examples of how businesses were assisted.

What Makes an 'Impact' Investment Manager? (T. Rowe Price, Jun 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

T. Rowe Price outlines the requisite foundations that managers need to consider when building, managing, and measuring impact portfolios.

Asset management, the environment, and popular perceptions (Invesco, Jul 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Invesco argues that the ‘quiet revolution’ in the adoption of sustainable investing policies and more forceful investee company engagement that has been occurring across the asset management industry needs to build wider recognition.

How Culture Enables Investment Firms to do Better (Wells Fargo AM, Jun 2021)

Wells Fargo highlights the value of culture as a competitive advantage across businesses, and how companies with diverse leadership teams tend to be more innovative.

Automation is Transforming Compliance in Wealth and Asset Management (EY, 2021)

EY outlines how the introduction of new technologies such a predictive analysis and intelligent automation are going to provide opportunities for asset managers to transform the compliance function and bring benefits to an organisation.

Strategies to Attract New Clients in Wealth Management (Wealth Dynamix, 2021)

According to Wealth Dynamix, EY’s 2021 Global Wealth Report highlights potential problems ahead for wealth managers, given over a quarter of High Net Worth clients intend to move portfolios to fintech platforms over the next three years. This report offers candid insights and strategic solutions from industry experts.

The Future of Asset Management (EY, 2021)

EY’s Future of Asset Management report highlights the changes required by firms over the next five years and beyond. Identification of the specific role that firms want to play, and which clients to serve are going to be crucial elements of any successful transformation.

Global Asset Management 2021: The $100 trillion machine (BCG, 2021)

BCG’s 19th Global Asset Management 2021 report provides a current snapshot of the asset management industry and examines what role private markets and other alternatives, both increasingly used by investors, are likely to play in the future of asset management.