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Impact Investing in Times of Great Risk

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  • 13 Jul 2022

ESG investing

Making a Positive Change in a World of War, Climate Change and Net Zero

Impact Investing has grown from a niche area of asset management into the mainstream. ESG-related strategies and investments with the aim of supporting positive social and sustainable environmental change are facing challenges from war, rampant climate change and the demands from the drive to a Net Zero economy. Capital allocators need to re-assess the risk and reward profiles of Impact products. Our collection brings you the latest on how to navigate the issue.

War Implications For Energy & Food ESG Themes (Columbia Threadneedle, Jun 2022)

The war in Ukraine has thrown up serious implications for the role of energy and food security when considering ESG-themed portfolios.

Learning From the Best and the Worst of Times For ESG (Intech, 2022)

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This paper explores the lessons investors can draw for ESG investing from positive as well as challenging market periods.

ESG Insights – H1 2022 (Fisher Investments)

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Although demand for ESG strategies remains strong, a rapidly changing world means investors need to re-think the role of these products in their portfolios.

Bonds Making Impact: Financing a sustainable future (Candriam, 2022)

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Credit finance with an ESG overlay may prove attractive for fixed income investors who are looking to gain exposure to impact investing themes.

Decarbonisation of Electricity Generation (Macquarie Asset Management)

To reach 'Net Zero', electricity will need to be decarbonised. However, this requires some re-thinking of current approaches to capital allocation.

Do Financial Investors Need Non-financial Data? (EDHEC-Risk Institute)

Impact investing, in order to be a successful method of capital allocation, needs accurate financial data but also a robust approach to non-financial information.

Video: Net Zero won't change the way we live (FT, 2022)

How will the 'Net Zero' transition impact our daily lives? Will the economy and society change dramatically, or should we expect more of the same?

New Horizons: Navigating ESG in 2022 (ISS Governance)

The ESG landscape is changing fast. Investors need to keep up with regulatory shifts, new market risks and opportunities, among other ESG-related developments.

Sustainable Investing: Theory and Evidence (Investments & Wealth Institute)

What is the evidence to suggest that impact investing works in practice just as well as it does in theory? This paper aims to answer this pressing question.