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Global Markets Outlook 2019 - Part I

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  • 05 Dec 2018
  • Updated 21 Dec 2018

The First 10 "Global Investment Outlooks" for 2019

The start of December is a great time to reflect on all that has happened in the past year and to look forward to all those things that next year might bring about.  With this in mind, we've gathered our first (but likely not our last) list of global investment strategy papers that assess the outlook for 2019. 

Will escalating trade wars and geopolitical turmoil continue to wreak havoc in the new year, or will the wind return to the global economy's sails? Read on to see what some of the leading investment managers have to say about 2019 expectations and the implications for global asset allocation. 

2019 outlook

2019 Global Market Outlook: Not Over Until It's Over (State Street Global Advisors)

After a year of trade wars, rate rises and more volatile markets, strategists at State Street Global Advisors see three big themes for equity markets over the next 12 months.

Investment outlook 2019 - Turbulence ahead (Robeco, Nov 2018)

Fears of the bull market ending have been stoked by protectionism, rising interest rates, Brexit, and other issues. Within this backdrop, Robeco highlights resulting asset class divergences and potential opportunities for 2019.

2019 Investment Outlook: Rising Above the Business Cycle (PineBridge, Nov 2018)

Strategists at PineBridge Investments present their 2019 Investment Outlook, divided into 4 sections which cover the macroeconomic perspective and purviews into investment strategy outlooks for multi-asset, fixed income, and equity investors.

Five Trends to Watch in 2019 (Barings, Dec 2018)

Barings describes why investors should pay attention to fading global growth, rising interest rates and ballooning global debt levels, the after-effects of trade wars, the data revolution, and demographics, as they look towards 2019.

Investment Commentary: 3 ways the world could turn in 2019 (Hermes IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States

Hermes maps out 3 scenarios for 2019 as well as their asset class implications - a 'Goldilocks' environment, a divergent global expansion, and a 'crisis-to-crash' scenario sparked by geopolitical tensions and trade wars.

BlackRock Global Investment Outlook

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

BlackRock updates several 2018 investment themes, presents their current multi-asset investment strategy outlook, and takes a deep dive into EM equities and debt fundamentals.

Outlook for 2019? Take Your Pick and Prepare Accordingly (Axioma)

Axioma translates their macro views for the US, EU, and China into 3 growth scenarios for 2019, then stress tests multiple asset classes under each scenario and uses the combined results to derive a multi-asset forecast.

Cross Asset Investment Strategy: 2019 Outlook (Amundi AM)

Amundi elucidates how geopolitical uncertainties in 2019 could necessitate a cautious approach for global asset allocators that involves increasing exposures to more resilient markets/sectors and stricter risk management practices within portfolios.

Investment outlook for your 2019 portfolio (RBC Wealth Management)

RBC Wealth Management delves into their 2019 outlook for equities and fixed income, the current late-stage economic expansion and the potential need to reduce credit risk, US-China relations, and several other topics.

2019 Investment Outlook: Waving Goodbye to Peak Global Growth (AXA IM)

AXA IM discusses the global economic cycle and the potential for a slowdown in 2019. They present their macro outlook for 2019-2020 across multiple global regions, covering geopolitical issues, monetary policy, and asset class forecasts.

Four Things to Watch in 2019 (Lazard AM, Nov 2018)

Lazard Asset Management highlights 4 key topics that will shape markets and the economy in 2019, with important implications for investors - US Household Finances, Protectionism, Euro Zone Politics, and China's Rebalancing.