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Currency Markets Spotlight

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  • 10 Jun 2024

FX Markets

The FX market is more than the USD

FX markets are expected to be more volatile than usual this year, with many important elections potentially leading to unpredictable outcomes. As such, global allocators need to hedge against uncertainty. The first step to doing this is reading good research that points the way forward, which we present here.

U.S. Dollar Momentum (Rothschild & Co)

There are many moving parts behind fluctuations in exchange rates, including economic variables, such as inflation and wider developments in fiscal policy and politics.

FX Talking: Under Starter’s Orders (ING)

Here are some key and recent FX market developments allocators need to know about when repositioning their portfolios.

Excell with Options: Inflationary Pressures on GBP Vs USD Futures (CME Group)

The relationship between the GBP/USD market is evolving rapidly. Allocators need to take into account these changes to stay ahead of other investors.

Dominant Currency Pricing Transition (Bank of England)

The currency of invoicing of international trade is a defining question in international macroeconomics.

Interest Rates and Exchange Rates When the Money Supply Goes Up (VoxEU)

How do interest rates and exchange rates respond to changes in money supply? These are not just theoretical questions, but ones that have practical implications today.

Euro U.S. Dollar Parity - Unlikely This Year (BNP Paribas AM)

Given the current macroeconomic backdrop, the Euro may weaken further against the dollar, and it is unlikely that the EUR/USD exchange rate will hit parity this year.

The Currency Exchange | Middle East Focus Ep.55 (NatWest Markets)

What is the impact of ongoing Israel/Iran tensions on FX markets and why are these implications relevant to investors worldwide?

Sectoral Debt and Dollar Cycles in DM (IMF)

The U.S. dollar remains the world's most important currency for economic activity and financial transactions, such as the issue and settlement of debt.

Blockchain Currency Markets (Swiss Finance Institute)

This paper offers valuable insights into the operational efficiencies, information assimilation, and robustness of blockchain currency markets.

Global Fixed Income & Currency Markets Strategy Report (Invesco)

Explore the latest views on six of the world's most important currencies, such as the USD, the GBP, and the RMB.