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February Investment Outlook - the best papers

The top Investment Outlook papers for February 2017

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The Savvy Investor research team has curated this list of the top investment outlook white papers recently produced by economists, investment analysts and strategists. They cover a range of topics including: China's changing role within the global economy; the outlook for global equities; the future of monetary policy; Trumponomics; and more.

Chess Strategy Investment Outlook February white papers

The Intelligence Report: Tensions within Trumponomics (BNP Paribas, Feb 2017)
This issue of The Intelligence Report by BNP Paribas Investment Partners examines the contradictions and risks in President Trump's plans, as well as the opportunities that have risen for small cap stock outperformance.

2017 Global Market Outlook (T. Rowe Price)
This outlook paper by T. Rowe Price discusses how its professionals are navigating the new landscape as they help clients get on the right side of change.

The Future of Monetary Policy (Credit Suisse, 2017)
This paper by Credit Suisse discusses the changes in advanced economy central banks since the global financial crisis in 2008. It concludes that the major issue for decision-makers remains which direction monetary policy ought to take from here.

Uncovering Opportunities: UBS House View, Feb 2017
This 40-page paper by UBS Asset Management takes stock of the global political environment and the investment implications of the incoming Trump administration.

The All-Too-Visible Hand: Global Economic Outlook 2017-2021 (AT Kearney)
The title of this paper leaves little doubt about where the authors fall in this net assessment. They examine the rise of economic nationalism and the significantly higher profile of the state in decisions involving commerce.

Multi-asset markets outlook (monthly) Robeco, Feb 2017
This document by Robeco provides insights into the outlook for multi-assets, such as commodities, bond and equities. The authors provide brief analysis for the United States, Europe, Japan and China.

Ten Temptations to Resist in 2017 (Cambridge Associates)
In this paper, analysts and researchers from Cambridge Associates share in the spirit of a new year by providing ten investment resolutions for 2017.

Global Equity Outlook Q1 2017: From Low Growth to Pro-Growth (GSAM)
This paper by Goldman Sachs Asset Management explores the outlook for global equities within a fast-changing global political and economic environment.

Asset Allocation Outlook 2017: Tails and Transitions (PIMCO)
Uncertainty looms over the global outlook as long-held economic paradigms are challenged. This PIMCO paper cautions investors of macro transitions driving potential investment risks and opportunities.

Global Risks 2035: The Search for a New Normal (Atlantic Council, 2017)
This paper by the Atlantic Council argues that our old notions of the world now lie in tatters. It is therefore helpful to start by looking back twenty or so years before projecting ahead to 2035.

Global Macro Outlook: China's role in global growth (BlackRock, Feb 2017)
BlackRock's new China GPS shows that the country's economic rebound over the past year has built up momentum. The authors believe that China is key to the global reflation story playing out for longer.

Global reflation without higher inflation in 2017 (Gavyn Davies)
The financial markets have been driven by the “global reflation” theme since mid-2016. In this paper, Gavyn Davies of Fulcrum Asset Management explores what this drive is likely to look like in 2017.