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Featured Investment Papers: August 2021

Featured Content from Leading Asset Managers

Savvy Investor presents a selection of featured content from top asset managers for August 2021.

These papers include insights into some of the dilemmas and challenges facing ESG managers and how they might address portfolio considerations like benchmarking and risk. Other papers examine fast-growing sectors of the entertainment industry, why the Quality factor should be on investors' radar, and in which direction the future of quantitative equity investing might head.  

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Global Real Estate Mid-Year Market Outlook (CBRE, 2021)

This Mid-year Real Estate Outlook paper from CBRE offers analysis on wider macroeconomic issues, while also providing insights across all the major commercial real estate sectors.

Global Mid-Year Outlook (BlackRock, Aug 2021)

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The restart of economic activity is real – and BlackRock remains pro-risk as it broadens. The more consequential question: What lies beyond? BlackRock believes this juncture could be as critical as the shift to the neoliberal consensus in the 1980s. The post-global financial crisis (GFC) playbook won’t work, in BlackRock's view, as the historic monetary-fiscal collaboration to bridge the pandemic should lead to a higher inflation regime. This means BlackRock doesn’t expect another decade-long bull market in stocks and bonds.

Unintended Consequences of Regulatory Oversight? (MFS IM, Jul 2021)

MFS IM investigates how ECB monetary policy has been designed to tackle climate change. They argue that the challenge may best be met through market based-capital allocation, not through monetary policy.

Screening the Future of Entertainment (RBC Global Asset Management, 2021)

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This piece from RBC GAM investigates the global entertainment and media industry, highlighting several fast-growing sectors that may prove lucrative for investors in the years ahead.

Why This 'Value' Recovery May Have Only Just Begun (T. Rowe Price, Jul 2021)

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T. Rowe Price comments on the revival in Value as an investment style, noting that it started to outperform in late summer 2020 and accelerated when the vaccine news broke in November. The Value rally continued into 2021, though in recent weeks Growth has come back into favour as concerns about the sustainability of an economic recovery are tempered by the resurgence in the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The Future of Quant Equity (Man Group, Jun 2021)

Man Group highlights some of the key quant strategies and why many have suffered in recent years, before outlining what it believes successful quant investing may look like in the future.

The Quality Factor: For those unknown risks (WisdomTree Investments, Jul 2021)

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WisdomTree Investments highlights the attractions of the quality factor in a market concerned about the sustainability of the global economic recovery.

Video: Risk and Return Challenges Facing ESG Investors (QMA, Aug 2021)

In this video, Gavin Smith, Head of Equity Research from QMA, and Liisa Juntunen, Principal, EMEA Business Development and Consultant Relations, discuss emerging ESG themes and how ESG risk plays a significant role in investor portfolios.

Sustainability in the UK (FTSE Russell, 2021)

FTSE Russell highlights the distinctive nature of the FTSE UK Index, in which natural resources companies feature heavily, but overall, the index has a high ESG rating. They illustrate how investors might resolve the issue of benchmark construction where one wants a high ESG rating and a low carbon reserves and emissions intensity.

Webinar: Putting climate talk into action (PGIM & MSCI, Jul 2021)

In this joint webinar with MSCI, Eugenia Jackson, Head of ESG Research at PGIM Fixed Income, and PGIM COO Taimur Hyat held a roundtable with panel of climate and sustainability experts to discuss a range of pressing issues for both asset owners and asset managers.

Six Investment Lessons From the Pandemic Era (Capital Group, Jul 2021)

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Steve Watson, Equity Portfolio Manager, shares some of the lessons he has learned from the collapse and subsequent bounce-back in equity markets, where both the fastest bear market and shortest recession were recorded.