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  • 28 Nov 2022

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Unmissable content from the month of November

We don't often manage to send all the good content that we find in a month. Sometimes, market events, geopolitical developments, and economic news overshadow the fantastic research, perspectives, and data entries which are all important pieces of the global investment puzzle. Also, check out State Street's webinar on the transformation of repo and sec lending markets.

STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index (Qontigo)

The entertainment and education sectors are undergoing a profound transformation powered by digitalisation. These STOXX indexes aim to capture it.

Fixed Income Perspectives (Capital Group)

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Central banks have set the tone for asset prices this year. Investors are looking at the bonds to see what monetary policy direction yield curves are pricing in going forward.

U.S. Pension Market - Investment Outlook (Insight Investment)

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U.S. pension funds have had to adapt to a changing world characterised by higher inflation, tighter monetary policy, and an increased chance of economic recession.

An Analytical Approach to Multi-asset Portfolio Rebalancing (Vanguard)

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When and how should a multi-asset portfolio be rebalanced? This paper provides a consensus that investors who don’t participate in tax-loss harvesting may actually benefit.

Latest Gold Demand Trends (World Gold Council)

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Gold demand, year on year, has increased. Investors have looked for safety as the world has became more volatile. Will the trend continue for gold?

Fixed Income: The Bigger They Are, The Harder The Fall (Macquarie AM)

The era of easy monetary policy seems to have come to an end. What's next for fixed income investors when global central banks are intent on keeping rates higher for longer?

U.S. Private Equity: Ten Years of Operating Metrics (Cambridge Associates)

How has private equity performed since the sector's emergence from the global financial crisis? This paper examines this as well as other drivers of the PE market.

External Wealth of Nations and Systemic Risk (Swiss Finance Institute)

Using a sample of 450 banks from 46 advanced, developing, and emerging countries over the period 2000-2020, this paper shows how banks can reduce their systemic risk exposures.

Shipping Costs: An Important Driver of Global Inflation (VoxEU)

What has caused inflation to go higher in 2022 has been a much debated topic. One of the missing ingredients in this discussion has been shipping costs.


The Coming Revolution in Repo and Sec Lending Markets

Technology has revolutionised many parts of the financial system. However, the repo and sec lending markets have defied attempts to become more efficient. Join State Street on Thursday, 8th December, at 10 am ET / 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET to understand the forces shaping these too often overlooked markets.