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Forward-Looking Research from February

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  • 26 Feb 2024

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Efficient capital allocation in a fast-changing world

How can investors stay ahead of the fast-changing markets? Will the new geopolitical order provide more risks than opportunities? When will—if ever—the U.S. retirement system become the "time bomb" of retirees' disappointment? These are crucial questions allocators need in-depth answers to. And here is a selection of content chosen to help investors develop perspectives on these matters.

U.S. Pensions: Uses And Benefits Of Surplus Pension Assets (MetLife IM)

This paper discusses six possible uses of excess pension assets and the benefits of maintaining, i.e., not spending, a surplus.

Capital Market Assumptions 2024 (Capital Group)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Overall, the outlook is still bright for long-term investors and core bonds are better poised to play their role as an equity diversifier.

2024 Retirement Outlook (MFS)

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In this piece, the authors discuss key considerations for retirement plan sponsors in 2024, including where markets may be headed and how sponsors can address challenges.

Asset-Based Finance: Sizing The Next Generation Of Private Credit (Atalaya)

Within the robust landscape of the $40tn+ U.S. financing market, Asset-Based Finance claims a substantial presence at around $7tn, offering plenty of opportunities.

The Great Global Election Cycle (M&G Investments)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

This timely podcast offers allocators the latest insights into the ongoing geopolitical shifts in a year of worldwide elections.

The India Opportunity (Morgan Stanley IM)

As an economy, India is likely to grow much faster than global growth, and despite quadrupling over the last two decades, India’s weight in the global equity index is just 1.7%.

UK Fund Tokenization: A Blueprint (The Investment Association)

The digitalisation of financial services is changing how consumers make decisions and markets operate.

Beyond the Status Quo: A Critical Assessment of Lifecycle Investment Advice

Given the sheer magnitude of U.S. retirement savings, the authors of this paper estimate that Americans could realize trillions of dollars in welfare gains by adopting an all-equity strategy.