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SPECIAL REPORT: Factor Investing - An Academic Source of Excess Returns

NEW Special Report on Factor Investing

Savvy Investor is proud to present its first special report on factor investing entitled, "Factor Investing: An Academic Source of Excess Returns".

Factor Investing: An Academic Source of Excess Returns (Savvy Investor, 2018)
Authored by Savvy Investor and sponsored by Robeco, this special report is designed as a go-to resource for anyone interested in factor investing, complete with theory, practical applications, and a host of factor-related content.

Savvy Investor

This 24-page report explains the academic underpinning to factor investing, with links to pertinent academic research and professional papers, across each of the key equity style factors. The report examines the different factors employed by leading investment managers and smart beta ETF index providers, featuring a Q&A with Robeco's Joop Huij, one of the leading practitioners in the field.

In total, this Factor Investing report links to more than 50 white papers, including the award-winning papers from the "Smart Beta" category at the recent Savvy Investor Awards.

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