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Is ESG Investing in Decline?

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  • 11 Aug 2023

ESG in decline

Ethical investing needs a lifeline…fast

Recent weeks have not been friendly to ESG investing. Questionable performance and an increasing amount of bad press has put this approach to capital allocation under global scrutiny. The real question right now is: will ESG investing survive the decade? Read the latest thinking on this topic by exploring the collection below.

Voluntary Carbon Market: A Critical Piece of the Net Zero Puzzle (Citi GPS)

Investors urgently need to scale up investment in climate mitigation and adaptation. There is currently a $1.7 trillion investment gap, presenting plenty of opportunities.

Leveraging Carbon Markets For Climate Investing (Robeco)

Carbon markets serve the purpose of assigning a monetary value to carbon emissions, channelling capital towards viable solutions for mitigating climate change.

Bitcoin's Role in the ESG Imperative (KPMG)

This paper explores how Bitcoin can - if at all - be used to support the implementation of ESG frameworks, given the growing need for ethical capital.

Investing for Impact: Gaps, Trends, and Lessons (American Century Investments)

The authors argue that integrating sustainability and ESG concepts into the investment process is valuable and important and should not be politically motivated.

Is Corporate ESG “Woke” Capitalism? (Chicago Booth)

In statehouses across America, politicians have proposed or passed legislation restricting the state from doing business with companies that practice ESG.

The Emperor’s New Climate Scenarios (IFoA/University of Exeter)

In the context of climate change, scenario modelling enables financial institutions and regulators to investigate the impact of different climate futures.

Does Paying Passive Managers to Engage Improve ESG Performance? (ECGI)

The paper studies a natural experiment in responsible investment conducted by the Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund, the largest in the world.

Retail Investors and ESG News

How does ESG news impact retail investing and the broader market narrative? This paper looks at the recent data in giving an answer to this question.