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Successfully Deploying ESG Strategies

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  • 23 Feb 2024


Staying ahead with these ESG-related insights

Will ESG ever recover from the decline in investor interest in sustainable capital allocation? And if so, when can investors expect to see a revival take place? This selection of timely insights on ESG and broader sustainable investing will help allocators answer these key questions as regulators push toward a greener economy.

ESG Fundamentals: What Allocators Must Know (PGIM)

ESG is greatly misunderstood. Even after being around for a while and after being in the spotlight for a number of years, its actual economic benefits are not yet fully grasped.

Institutional Investors’ Approaches To Responsible Investing (Amundi)

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Allocators have different perspectives and strategies when it comes to tackling responsible investing. This paper provides some insights into these approaches.

Alignment With The EU Taxonomy For Sustainable Activities (State Street)

Companies need to do more to align themselves with EU regulators' definitions and rules as they relate to sustainable activities.

Waste to wealth: A circular economy approach to e-waste (M&G Investments)

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E-waste is a massive problem. It will become bigger as digitalisation continues to transform the global economy. But a new circular approach can transform e-waste into wealth.

UK ESG Fund Market Review: 2023 (Refinitiv)

It has been a challenging year for sustainable investments, especially in the UK. Will 2024 be any different or will investors see more of the same?

Capturing S in ESG Whitepaper (Camradata)

The "S" in ESG is often forgotten by investors. Mostly because it is difficult to accurately measure its impact. Here are a few ideas of how to do that.

O ‘Greenium’, Where Art Thou? (JP Morgan Asset Management)

"Greenium" is still a thing - apparently. But can investors better measure it? After all, all sustainable capital needs to provide a decent return.

Inflation as an Ecological Phenomenon (Positive Money)

Climate change, environmental degradation, and global energy markets are all sources of price instability, with important implications for inflation forecasting.

Survey of Investors, Retirement Savings, and ESG (Stanford)

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The decline in support for ESG over the past year, particularly among young investors, is striking. Will the interest come back any time soon?

Decarbonising Aviation: Protecting Aviation's Social Licence (QIC)

Aviation has proven resilient in the face of numerous challenges. Addressing the industry’s CO2 emissions will be more challenging than expected.