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How Are Emerging Markets Positioned For 2024?

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  • 10 Jan 2024


The latest insights into emerging markets

One question that investors interested in emerging markets will be asking throughout 2024 is how to generate attractive returns while navigating a quickly growing set of risks. These papers offer thought-provoking perspectives on the challenges and opportunities present in a range of developing economies, including China, India, and parts of the African continent.

China’s Foreign Direct Investment Collapsed: Why? (BNP Paribas AM)

China’s economy appears to have reached a “pain point”. What will Beijing do next, and how can investors prepare for the CCP's next moves?

The ESG Advantage: An Evolving Argument For EMD (HSBC Asset Management)

How can ESG investors think about emerging markets in order to spot the right opportunities while avoiding growing risks?

Asia Credit Market – 2024 Outlook (UBS AM)

Inflation has remained subdued in most of Asia in the recent past – unlike the U.S. and Europe, which make up the bulk of developed markets.

Building Green: Sustainable Construction in Emerging Markets (IFC/World Bank)

How developing countries meet their rising building needs will be pivotal to the world’s climate future.

China: Fear Or FOMO? (Baillie Gifford)

Questions persist about the role of the Chinese state, the progress of its economic reforms and its perceived challenge to the geopolitical order.

Beijing Tests Our Patience (Matthews Asia)

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Chinese entrepreneurs are frustrated. Chinese investors are impatient. However, allocators need to be patient until Beijing acts in the right way for its economy.

What Route Is Right In Emerging Markets Investing? (Wellington Management)

Emerging markets account for 82% of the world’s population but currently only 26% of global market cap. This dynamic will likely change in the years ahead.

Africa’s Sovereign Wealth Funds Can Spur Growth and Nation Building (BCG)

African sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are not as strongly capitalized as the Middle Eastern SWFs that have been active in Africa, nor do they have big government surpluses to tap into.

Investing in India: From Challenges to Solutions (White & Case)

The Indian government’s ambitious programme of regulatory reforms, aimed at making the country an attractive option for international investors, is clearly bearing fruit.

Latin American Economic Outlook: Investing in Sustainable Development (OECD)

Latin America and the Caribbean need an ambitious and comprehensive investment agenda to attract global allocators to their markets.