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Emerging Markets: Between Growth and Politics

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  • 05 Jun 2024


Portfolio diversification through EM allocation?

Explore this rich selection of insights into various Emerging Markets, such as China, India, and Mexico. These pieces dive into a host of opportunities for portfolio diversification.


An Evolving BRICS and the Shifting World Order (BCG)

A larger BRICS challenges the dominance of existing global institutions, such as the World Bank and the IMF, which are strongly influenced by the West.

Emerging Market Debt Turns the Corner (Aviva Investors)

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Recent years have witnessed a sharp rise in yields across the emerging-market debt universe. Why has this happened?

Foreign Capital in Russia: Taking Stock after Two Years of War (WIIW)

Unlike most other countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe, even prior to the war, Russia’s economic model was not based on attracting FDI.

Emerging Markets: Our Philosophy (Baillie Gifford)

The Emerging Markets landscape is changing fast. In this short video allocators can learn where the next opportunities may arise from.

Emerging Market Equities without China (Meketa)

For many investors, the combination of poor performance with geopolitical concerns, regulatory, and internal growth issues call into question their allocation to China.

Mexico’s 2024 Growth Prospects (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

Government spending and the possibility of more nearshoring of manufacturing operations could help the country's growth outlook.


On Sub-Saharan Africa's Demographic Explosion (Bridgewater Associates)

The forces that shape the world over decades are very different than those that make headlines each day. These secular dynamics are often some of the most impactful.

More Money, Fewer Problems: Closing Africa’s Climate Finance Gap (BCG)

Despite having contributed the least to the climate issue, Africa will be most negatively impacted.

Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa (IMF)

The overall regional outlook is gradually improving, with economic activity tepidly picking up. Should investors now turn toward this area of the world?

The Africa Wealth Report 2024 (Henley & Partners)

The growth story of Africa is promising, with the continent’s millionaire population set to rise by 65% in the next decade, fueled by strong growth in key sectors.


The Case for India (Capital Allocators)

How should global allocators look at India during this crucial year? Here are a number of interesting takes on the country's future.

From Coercion to Capitulation: How China Can Take Taiwan Without a War (AEI)

The PRC could put Taiwan through four years of ever-increasing military pressure, and physical and cyberwarfare attacks.

Is China Exporting Deflation? (LGIM)

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China is no longer the economy that floods the world with cheap goods, but its targeted approach to key sectors can significantly threaten established Western players.

ASEAN’s Transition Story: Climate Investing in SE Asia (Invesco)

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ASEAN has seen continued investor interest as urbanization, young demographics and rising incomes remain structural drivers for GDP growth.

Is the Case for Indian Equities Still Compelling? (Wellington Management)

Geopolitics is playing a key role in India’s economic inflection. Here is what global allocators need to know about India's election.

On India's Gold Market in Today's Changing World (World Gold Council)

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After a generally weak March and April, there was a resurgence in gold demand ahead of and around the Akshaya Tritiya festival on 10 May.