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Coronavirus: Latest Insights 19 March 2020

Pandemic Status for COVID-19: Fiscal and Monetary policy responses

The third in a series of Savvy Investor blogs covering the escalating coronavirus story and governmental, central bank and investor responses as the crises deepen.

This edition sees the World Health Organisation (WHO) designate the outbreak as a 'pandemic', while governments and central banks attempt to quell market panic and ward off an approaching global recession via a number of fiscal and monetary policy responses. So far, the volley of 'financial Bazookas' that have been fired have failed to elicit a positive response from markets. This blog focuses on providing members with links to 'resource hubs' of coronavirus (COVID-19) related material from a range of asset managers, economists, consultants and governmental and health agencies.

Savvy Investor curates a wide range of material on a daily basis about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. To assist members, we have subdivided it into three streams, each of which we intend to update on a regular basis.

One stream covers the latest institutional asset management market opinion and research, another collates the latest in scientific and medical papers and the third focuses on data sources about the progress of the disease from governmental and global health agencies.

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The Impact of Policy Responses to COVID-19 (Neil Ferguson 16 Mar)

Neil Ferguson's report appears to have been the driving force behind the UK government's change in policy towards COVID-19.


Coronavirus Effects: Macroeconomic commentaries and scenarios (Moody's, 2020)

Moody's offers a range of material covering the potential impact of COVID-19 on economies, sectors and borrowers.

Charts: The COVID-19 coronavirus and its economic impact (Capital Economics blog, 2020)

Capital Economics offers its extensive update library containing their latest views on the economic impact and consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

Worldometer Reference Hub for the COVID-19 Outbreak (2020)

Worldometer enables investors to drill down country-by-country and day-by-day to see the progression of infections and deaths. The site also has useful information on how to more accurately calculate death rates.

Covid-19: Implications for business and the global economy (McKinsey & Company, Mar 2020)

This article presents McKinsey's regularly updated perspectives on the COVID-19 outbreak situation.

Resources to help protect people and organizations (Willis Towers Watson, 2020)

Willis Towers Watson provides a resource hub of articles and insights, regularly updated, about the potential impact and implications of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Eye on the Market: Coronavirus research compilation (JP Morgan AM, Mar 2020)

A compilation of Michael Cembalest's of JP Morgan AM 's research updates on COVID-19, regularly updated.

Investment Insights on Coronavirus and Volatility (Franklin Templeton Coronavirus Hub, 19 Mar 2020)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Franklin Templeton's collection of coronavirus related material.

Coronavirus in Context (PineBridge Coronavirus Hub, 2020)

In their 'Coronavirus Hub' of research, PineBridge IM provide regular paper updates covering a range of subject material and asset classes.

MSCI Coronavirus Hub (MSCI, Mar 2020)

MSCI 's latest insights on coronavirus and its implications for markets.

Nuveen Coronavirus Hub (Nuveen, 2020)

Nuveen keep its 'Coronavirus Hub' of research regularly updated with the latest news and views.


Visual Capitalist: Infection Trajectory-See Which Countries are Flattening Their COVID-19 Curve

This tracker charts the trajectory of the growing number of countries with more than 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19. As the number of new infections reported around the world continues to grow, which countries are winning the battle against COVID-19, and which are still struggling to slow the rate of infection?


Coronavirus and the Market Outlook - Latest insights from investment managers

These white papers have been curated by the Savvy Investor research team. They provide insights into the impact of coronavirus on markets and the world economy from investment managers and economists and are frequently updated..


Recent Medical Research into Coronavirus - Latest updates from scientific researchers

The sites and papers in this list provide detailed medical research into the coronavirus - how it spreads, how it can be contained, and much more. They have been authored by a variety of respected medical science organisations such as The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. Savvy Investor curates material on a regular basis and updates as new reserach is published.


Latest Coronavirus Data - Infections, Deaths, Country-by-Country

The sites and papers in this list provide helpful, and in some cases, live updates into the spread of coronavirus around the world. Information is provided by organizations such as the World Health Organization, Worldometer, the the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Savvy Investor staff search and curate the latest insights into the coronavirus pandemic.