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Asset Managers' Role in Fighting Climate Change

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  • 21 Oct 2022


Sustainable investing can lead to a greener future

Some studies suggest that the asset management industry falls short of doing its part in fighting climate change and, in turn, helping the economy transition to a more sustainable model. However, there can be discrepancies between the academic world and practicality. Read this collection of insights into what asset managers are doing to assist with the transition to a greener and more sustainable world.

Transition Opportunities for a 21st Century Portfolio (MetLife IM)

The transition to a more sustainable economy comes with plenty of risks and opportunities for investors. Indeed, there is alpha to be found among 'green' investments.

Clean Energy Investments: New to The Investors’ Inflation Toolkit? (LGIM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

Green energy investments can offer allocators more than just opportunities for attractive returns: they can act as potential hedges against various risks, like inflation.

Green Equity Exposure and Climate Investment In A 1.5°C Scenario (FTSE Russell)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

This paper explores what the green economy exposure of global benchmarks would look like if the world achieved 1.5°C as a result of accelerated climate investment.

Sustainability Quarterly (S&P Global Platts)

In this first edition of the S&P Global Sustainability Quarterly investors can find the latest insights into the global transition towards a more sustainable and greener economy.

McKinsey on Finance 20th Ed. (McKinsey & Company)

Bringing together in-depth reports from the world of finance, this edition offers investors a wealth of knowledge on key trends underlying the green transition.

A Green Future for Steel (Climate Bonds Initiative)

Massive investment is needed to develop and roll out low-carbon steelmaking technologies for an overall transformation of the steel industry globally.

Geneva 25: Climate and Debt (CEPR)

Green bonds represent important vehicles of financing that can help the global economy transition towards a more sustainable model.

Green QE and Carbon Pricing to Fight Climate Change (VoxEU)

Central banks are increasingly incorporating climate change considerations in their monetary policy frameworks. What does this mean in the context of QE?