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Climate Change: A Special Report for Institutional Investors

  • ,  Chief Executive |
  • 18 Jun 2020
  • Updated 24 Jan 2021

Savvy Investor is pleased to present the first in a new series of Special Reports, which will cover a variety of topics relevant to institutional investors. Our first report covers the subject of Climate Change and includes interviews with leading investment industry experts.

The current pandemic has shown that society can put measures in place to adapt and overcome threats that are detrimental to all of our lives. With this in mind, investors should now be turning their attention to an environmental threat that could dwarf the impact of COVID-19.

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Special Report on Climate Change

Climate Change: A Special Report for Institutional Investors

Climate change is real, it is here, and it requires immediate attention – not just from the institutional investment community, but also from the public at large. Efforts to prevent (and to mitigate) disastrous climate-related outcomes are already underway, but everyone needs to do their part. This Special Report brings together some of the leading institutional thinkers on climate change, suggesting ways in which investors can engage with companies to achieve positive sustainable outcomes and encourage the integration of ESG thinking into asset managers’ investment decision-making processes.