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CIO Reading List: May 2024

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  • 28 May 2024

CIO Reading List

Hear from industry leaders on today's most pressing market issues

Each month we select some of the most engaging and timely pieces of content that we believe provide actionable insights for CIOs across the world. This role is becoming increasingly difficult due to changes in regulation, technology, and market infrastructure. These pieces will help make capital allocation decisions easier.


Enhancing Investment Processes & LLMs (CFA Institute Research & Policy Center)

Access to powerful LLMs like ChatGPT is reshaping roles in the investment profession. This report discusses how to ethically build investment models in the open-source community.

Private Assets: Making the Retail Revolution a Reality (Natixis IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

The landscape of private assets is changing fast with regulations and fund structures moving in favour of individual investors.

Economic Outlook May 2024: An Unfolding Recovery (OECD)

Global GDP growth is projected at 3.1% in 2024 and 3.2% in 2025, little changed from the 3.1% in 2023.

A New Capex Supercycle: Driving Powerful and Transformative Growth (Ninety One)

The authors calculate that transformative macro-economic trends will drive global capex by an additional 2.5 trillion U.S. dollars per year.

Small Countries: The Way to Resilience - 2024 (Credit Suisse)

A crucial finding of this insightful report is that, for small countries in particular, economic openness is a prerequisite for prosperity.


Q1 24 CIO Letter: Hinging on Hope & Governmental Growth (Stone Creek Advisors)

The investment landscape is in a state of flux. Things are changing rapidly, and investors need to monitoring the environment closely.

Q1 24 CEO Letter to Investors (North Star Asset Management)

Allocators are facing a current set of political, social, and ecological challenges that are indeed complex. Here is how to navigate them successfully.

Howard Marks, Co-Chairman, Memo: The Impact of Debt (Oaktree Capital)

Oaktree Capital's Howard Marks discusses in his latest Memo the issues surrounding debt - but also the opportunities that debt can provide, if used properly.

Q1 24 Commentary: Getting of the Bench (Mark) (CrossingBridge Advisors)

In the current macroeconomic environment, investors need to remain nimble to take advantage of opportunities should they arise.