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Panorama: China Edition

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  • 13 Dec 2023
  • Updated 23 Jan 2024

The China complex

So many myths and misunderstandings surround China. It is as complex as it is diverse, and it never fails to confound the West. But China’s geopolitical and economic importance is without question. Investors, even if only indirectly, cannot escape exposure to the world’s second largest economy. It demands our attention.

To some degree at least, we must put ideologies and stereotypes aside and find ways to remove our biases; only then will the real China emerge. This edition of Panorama is dedicated to providing a more balanced picture of China. UBS AM talked to experts, both internal and external, to gather different points of view and offer a plurality that is missing in the current public discourse, particularly when it comes to investing in China.

The new China playbook: Barry Gill interviews Dr. Keyu Jin

UBS AM challenges some of the misconceptions and biases about this large and complex country with an insider perspective.

Can Chinese equities withstand a slowing economy?

China’s multi-decade period of high growth has come to an end, but the opportunities for investors have not, argue Evan Brown, Head of Multi-Asset Strategy, and Sylvia Liang, Research Analyst and Macro Strategist.

An entrepreneurial state

China is bidding to be the innovation superpower of the 21st century. Will it succeed?

Bucking the trend(s): An indexing and active view of Chinese equities

Many investors are questioning their Chinese investments this year amid negative headlines and market volatility.

Dollar diffusion: China’s opportunity to balance the power dynamics in global finance

With the dollar’s dominance and influence in global finance waning, Barry Gill, Head of Investments, explores the reserve currency alternatives and investment implications.

China and net zero: An existential sustainability issue

It will be impossible to reach net zero without China. Western investors therefore need to put certain ideological differences to one side and seek to understand China in its fullest context, argues Lucy Thomas, Head of Sustainable Investing and Impact.

Where China and the US can underwrite world progress together

An interview with Michael Spence - winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize for his work on information economics - on his view on the Chinese economy, as well as China's relationship with the US.