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Charlie Munger: The Legendary Stockpicker

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  • 08 Dec 2023
  • Updated 15 Dec 2023

Charlie Munger

What can allocators learn from Buffett's long-term business partner?

With the passing of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's right-hand man in business (and perhaps in life too), we have collected some of the most recent stock selection insights to commemorate one of the greatest figures in the world of finance. Below you'll find some of Munger's timeless views alongside a selection of the latest equity market analysis.

9 of Charlie Munger's Best Investing Lessons and Words of Wisdom (Morningstar)

Charlie Munger was one of the world's best investors. Although known for his money-making ability, Munger was also an insightful thinker.

Charlie Munger: Final CNBC Interview (CNBC)

Watch the last CNBC interview with Warren Buffett's long-term business partner, Charlie Munger, which was filmed ahead of what it would have been his 100th birthday.

Charlie Munger on Buffett, Gambling, Apple, and China (Firstlinks)

In 1978, Munger became Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, a position he has held until his recent passing away. Here is a short history of the legendary investors' career.

The Pillars Of Premium Brands’ Price-setting Power (Allianz Global Investors)

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When selecting stocks, the company's moat - that important business defence - is a key factor. Brands can be a strong moat, protecting cash flows.

Can Active Managers Provide Diversification? (Lombard Odier IM)

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The feud between passive managers and active managers is decades old. However, what does the data say: what is the real value-add of active stock pickers?

Shareholder Value Creation in an Emerging Market (BCG)

Is it more difficult to create shareholder value in emerging markets? Each region is different. Therefore, a universal "yes" or "no" cannot be given.

Indebted Companies And The Rate-Pause Consensus (Macrobond)

Being able to know the financial health of a particular company is an important factor in deciding whether to invest in it or not.

Why Do Companies Die? Value Creation in Public Equity Markets (Money Maze)

Why do certain businesses survive in the market longer than others? What is the secret for corporate endurance? These are important questions for stock-pickers.

Innovative Asian Firms and Environmental Technologies (BNP Paribas AM)

Innovation can set a business apart from its competition. This is exactly what some Asian firms have been hoping for when they focused on niche environmental solutions.