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The Top 16 Investment White Papers from December

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  • 22 December 2016
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Most popular and trending papers from Dec 2016

Savvy Investor is the world's leading knowledge network for institutional investors, with over 15,800 members and a research library containing 15,000 white papers. Here is our list of the most popular and trending papers from December 2016:

Savvy Investor screenshot top white papers December 2016

Global Pension Funds: Best practices in the investment process (PwC, 2016)
This paper by PwC examines investment process best practices by global pension funds. It looks at growing asset allocation trends, regulations, governance models, and other drivers of change.

50 Asset Owners' and Managers' Approaches to Investing in Global Systems in 2016
This mammoth 373-page document provides deep insights to help institutional investors better understand the relationship between ESG factors and investment strategy. The "Global Systems" referred to in the title are the financial, social and environmental systems, which investors can influence through their stewardship of the assets in their portfolios.

Global Equities: The Changing Face of Value (T. Rowe Price, Nov 2016)
For many value investors, the last few years have proved to be a challenging period. This environment has led to a dominance of growth and quality factors, creating a meaningful headwind for value-oriented stocks.

Catalysts for Change - PineBridge Investment Outlook for 2017 (video)
This paper surveys the state of the markets on behalf of multi-asset, fixed income, equity, and private market investors. It states that markets are ripe for change and the catalysts, though not immediately evident, are everywhere.

BNP Paribas Investment Outlook 2017: Beyond the shadow of quantitative easing
This outlook paper sets the scene for a year in which a new landscape awaits. Uncertainties and open questions, including the outlook for fiscal stimulus and globalisation, suggest that global growth will be muted again.

Small Cap Performance in a slow-growth economic environment (FTSE Russell, 2016)
This paper examines the performance of the U.S. small cap market in periods of slow economic growth and how institutions can access the size factor premium via ETFs to further enhance returns through securities lending programs.

Global Asset Allocation Views 1Q 2017 (JP Morgan)
This paper by JP Morgan Asset Management explores the asset allocation outlook for 1Q 2017. The authors discusses key economic themes and their implications on investors' strategies.

Perspectives on the Long Term: A Stronger Foundation for Tomorrow (FCLT, 2015)
This 135-page document brings together the thoughts of a selection of eminent names from within the investment industry on the topic of long-term investing.

Frontier Emerging Markets: The Next Frontier (Credit Suisse, Dec 2016)
This 63-page paper by Credit Suisse explores frontier markets: what they are, current trends within them such as changing demographics, economic prospects, and much more.

The (un)Predictable Equity Risk Premium (2016)
This 40-page paper has been jointly authored by Richard J.Bianchi, Michael E. Drew and Adam N. Walk. They examine the ERP concept (equity risk premium) particularly what is meant by 'the premium' for taking risk.

Regulatory Developments in Europe: 2017 Outlook (BlackRock)
This BlackRock paper examines regulatory developments in Europe and the prospects for 2017. It provides important insights into policy developments that are likely to impact European institutional and retail investors and distributors.

Understanding Active Risk and Tracking Error (Commonfund, 2016)
In this paper, Jess Gasper, PhD (Head of Asset Allocation and Research at Commonfund) discusses the concepts of active risk and tracking error and their impact on the investment decision-making process.

The Carry and Value Pendulum (PIMCO, 2016)
Alternative risk premia portfolios are growing increasingly popular. This paper focuses on carry and value in particular and proposes that investors should consider them as connected subcomponents of an asset’s total expected return.

Does Past Performance Matter? The Persistence Scorecard (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
Demonstrating the ability to outperform peers repeatedly is the only proven way to differentiate a manager’s luck from skill. This paper explores how much past manager performance matters.

Revisiting the Role of Alternatives in Asset Allocation (PGIM, 2016)
Many institutional investors are finding themselves faced with the question: Why invest in alternative assets if they underperformed equities and cost significantly more than traditional strategies? This paper explores why.

LCP Pensions De-Risking 2016: Buy-ins, Buy-outs and Longevity Swaps
This report looks back over the year in the pensions de-risking market. It seeks to help trustees, finance directors, and other decision-makers understand opportunities available to them for transferring risks association with DB plans.