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The Top 10 UK Pensions Papers from Q2 2016

The Top 10 UK Pensions Papers from Q2 2016

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In May and June we've had some excellent papers uploaded to the site. Including separate surveys of large- and medium-sized DB pensions schemes. We also have a couple of first-class publications from consultants covering the current issues of interest to UK pension funds, plus some other timely and insightful research papers.


De-Risking Journeys of Mid-Sized Pension Schemes (LGIM, June 2016)
This 50-page document examines the long-term de-risking aims and strategies of mid-sized UK schemes. Over the last couple of years, there has been a marked rise in the number of larger schemes using de-risking strategies, with the largest buyout, buy-in and longevity insurance transactions to date completed. Smaller schemes tend to follow where larger schemes lead, which makes this report a timely read. 

UK Pensions - Big Schemes Survey: £1bn+ (Barnett Waddingham, May 2016)
This 15-page survey by Barnett Waddingham provides insights into 160 UK private sector Defined Benefit schemes with assets of over £1 billion. The report examines scheme type, investment performance, deficit contributions, asset allocation, and adviser fees.

Pensions With Purpose: Meeting the Retirement Challenge (State Street, June 2016)
This 37-page document provides important insights into the pension fund industry. 400 senior executives representing private and public pensions systems across 20 different countries were interviewed for the survey. Key themes covered include: investment strategy; managing risks; efficiencies; talent; accountability.

Survey of Exit Charges in UK DC Pension Schemes (The Pensions Regulator, 2016)
This report summarises the results from the February - March 2016 research survey carried out by OMB Research, an independent market research agency, on behalf of The Pensions Regulator. The report follows previous research on the prevalence of exit fees and charges in occupational pension schemes. The main objective of the research was to develop this evidence base further to inform the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) consultation on an exit charge cap for members of occupational pension schemes.

UK Pensions: Current issues (Hymans Robertson, June 2016)
This latest issue of "Current Issues" looks at various aspects of the UK pensions industry. The authors examine the new Pensions Bill, the secondary annuity market, the new Defined Contribution Code of Practice, and more.

In Sight - a quarterly UK pensions publication (Q2 2016) Aon Hewitt
The latest issue of "In Sight" by consultant Aon Hewitt covers a wide range of UK pensions-related issues such as: the introduction of the Lifetime ISA; pensions tax changes; effect of "Brexit" on UK pensions; changes to UK automatic enrolment; Defined Contribution charges; and more.

Endgame Portfolios and the Role of Credit (LGIM, March 2016)
In this paper, Paul Sweeting, Head of Research at Legal & General sets out a framework for creating endgame investment portfolios for pensions schemes aiming to achieve self-sufficiency.

UK Fiduciary Management Survey 2015 (Aon Hewitt, May 2016)
This annual survey by Aon Hewitt provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the current landscape for Fiduciary Management in the UK. The report uncovers the experiences of those who have gone down a fiduciary route, describes how they have selected providers, reveals the criteria used for selection, and describes how they have measured performance. The report includes sections on the drivers behind the continued growth of fiduciary management, and the type/size of schemes that are fuelling this growth. The key benefits of using fiduciary management for UK pension schemes are also discussed.

Governance Practices of European Pensions: Rhetoric and reality (300 Club, 2016)
Significant changes have taken place in European pension fund business models since the global financial crisis. A more serious and fundamental shift in behaviour is however needed to address the vast gap between talk about good governance and the reality on the ground. This paper has been authored by Sally Bridgeland and Professor Amin Rajan.

UK Local Government Pensions Schemes: An unprecedented opportunity (LGIM, May 2016)
As UK Local Governance Pension Scheme funds write their business plans outlining their approach to creating asset pools, the authors of this brief paper assess the opportunities and challenges at each stage of the process and conclude that not all transitions are equal.