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Best Strategy & Economics Paper 2018

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  • 04 Dec 2018
  • Updated 06 Dec 2018

Wellington Management wins "Best Strategy & Economics Paper"

Although a shorter piece than most of the finalists in this category, the judges felt that Wellington's piece was a great example of a simple but highly engaging question, thoughtfully answered and attractively presented. The winning paper generated a fantastic response from the Savvy Investor membership, generating 2,000 views in a very short time period.

Strategy Economics 2018


Multi-Asset Outlook 4Q2018 — How late in the cycle are we? (Wellington Management)

Where are we in the business cycle, and what does this mean for equities and bonds? Global Strategist Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson and Multi-Asset Analyst Daniel Cook provide their analysis, arguing that although growth may be slowing, it will still be sufficient to generate higher inflation and interest rates.


Quarterly Guide to the Markets - Q4 2018 (JP Morgan Asset Management)

Consistently one of the most popular documents on the Savvy Investor platform, JP Morgan's quarterly 'Guide to the Markets' contains a comprehensive package of compelling charts on economic and market trends. Differing versions of the Guide are available depending on your geographic location.

A Map for the Future of the Euro (Invesco)

Written with authority, the authors of this 14-page report are Jacek Rostowski (former Finance Minister for Poland) and Arnab Das (Global Market Strategist with Invesco). Designed to help investors navigate future political conflicts, the report examines the tensions at the core of the Euro project, the new dynamics of populism and the shifting tensions for the future. This is part of an ongoing, five-part series.

Globalization, nationalism and the implications for institutional investors (PGIM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

Otherwise entitled, "The End of Sovereignty", this paper examines the conflict between globalization and nationalism, and the tensions that are confronting sovereign states as they struggle to keep control of their own economic agendas. This 19-page document contains contributions not just from PGIM investment professionals, but also foreign policy experts and academics. The report examines the likely winners and losers from an investment perspective, and provides a framework within which investors can interpret future developments.

Superstars: The dynamics of firms, sectors, and cities leading the global economy (McKinsey & Company)

This is another blockbuster report from the McKinsey Research Institute, assessing the extent to which a "superstar" effect is present within companies, industry sectors and cities. According to McKinsey's research, so-called "superstar" firms now account for 22-25% of global corporate earnings. The authors examine the economic literature around the "superstar" effect, aiming to provide investors with a mindset for identifying future superstars.

Multi-asset market outlook (Robeco)

This monthly document by Robeco has grown a steady following amongst the Savvy Investor membership, providing insight into the global outlook for economies, equities, fixed income and other asset classes.

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