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Best Pensions Paper 2017 (UK)

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  • 08 Dec 2017
  • Updated 08 Jun 2018

Savvy Awards 2017 Fixed Income

WINNER: UBS Asset Management

Pension Fund Indicators 2017
This annual report by UBS Asset Management is a well-regarded text on pension fund investment. It aims to examine topical themes within the wider, long-term context. It provides helpful data, explanations, and insights into recent industry trends.


Selecting Fund Managers and Consultants - What Do Trustees Look For? by Aon Hewitt and Leeds Business School 
This 11-page paper is a collaborative effort between Aon Hewitt and Leeds University Business School. It focuses on UK defined benefit scheme trustees, examining particularly the relationship between them and their asset managers and investment consultants.

Decomposing Funding-Ratio Risk: Key Insights for Pension Funds by BNP Paribas Asset Management 
This paper appeared in the Journal of Portfolio Management. Authored by three researchers at BNP Paribas Asset Management, it makes an excellent contribution to the study of investment risk management. The authors focus on funding-ratio risk, suggesting a framework that helps provide insights into the key elements of funding-ratio risk.

Integrated risk management for DB pension schemes by the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries 
Using four case studies, this 70-page report by the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries provides some helpful tips and hints for those developing Integrated Risk Management plans for UK DB schemes.

Pensions: Why being cashflow negative is irrelevant to risk by KPMG 
There's an industry obsession with trying hard not to be "cashflow negative" but that shouldn't be the centre of pension funds' focus, the authors of this paper argue. They explain what are, in their view, the real factors that pension schemes should be more crystal clear on and more concerned about.

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