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Savvy Investor Awards: Best Pensions Paper 2015 (Australia)

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International superannuation governance trends and how Australia stacks up

This paper has been produced by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST). It examines the current superannuation governance environment in Australia including trust law issues. It also provides an overview of corporate governance trends affecting Australian and overseas superannuation funds. It examines how the equal representation model in Australia works and it raises the question of whether prescribing ‘independent’ directors is useful.


Managing currency exposure in Australian superannuation funds by Russell Investments

In the last 10 years, Australian superannuation funds have increased their allocations to overseas assets, introducing greater currency exposure to their portfolios. In this article, Russell's Asia-Pacific CEO shares their insights and experience in managing currency exposures, particularly from the perspective of an Australian superannuation fund.

Supertrends - The trends shaping Australia's superannuation industry by KPMG

This 40-page report from KPMG examines the trends influencing the superannuation industry, including cost cutting challenges, industry consolidation, demographic change, ESG factors, superannuation insurance and the impact of new technology.

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