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Savvy Investor Awards: Investment Insight Award 2015

Savvy Investor

WINNER: State Street Center for Applied Research

The Folklore of Finance: How Behaviours and Beliefs Sabotage Success in Investment Management

This paper explains that, for investment professionals, true success lies beyond the industry's long-established norms. Not only do these include the production of alpha but, more fundamentally, the importance of helping investors achieve their long-term goals sustainably.


Alternative asset management 2020: Fast forward to centre stage by PwC

In recent times, alternative asset classes have taken centre stage as the need for sustainable long-term investments has increased. The authors of this paper examine six essential business imperatives to help alternative asset managers plan for the future.

European Responsible Investing Fund Survey 2015 by KPMG/ALFI

This 60-page report from KPMG and the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) is a comprehensive survey of the landscape for ESG funds. It details the challenges and trends within the ESG funds industry in Europe, but the analysis and lessons are helpful to institutional investors worldwide.

The Divergence of High- and Low-Frequency Estimation: Causes and Consequences by State Street Associates

This paper provides findings that are important to persons making long-term asset allocation decisions. High-frequency estimation, according to this report, does not predict behavior reliably in the long-term, even if no sampling error is present. Investors should, when constructing portfolios for long horizons, include both high- and low-frequency returns bases in their risk estimates.

Understanding the Cost of Investment Management: A Guide for Fiduciaries by Commonfund

This paper seeks to provide fiduciaries with a better understanding of the nature of the costs paid for the funds for which they are responsible. It also seeks to support industry best practice. It explores different disclosed and undisclosed types of costs and explains the derivation of these costs to fiduciaries.

Investing in our future: Megatrends are reshaping the future of investment management by KPMG

The authors of this 80-page report examine megatrends that they believe will reshape the investment management industry over the next 15 years, including demographic and social change and value chain changes driven by client demands, among others.  

How Can a Strategy Still Work If Everyone Knows About It? by AQR

In this paper, Cliff Asness investigates the question of whether or not "discovered” strategies remain functional, arguing that some classic long-term strategies will remain successful in the future, albeit with a different risk profile than in the past.

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