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Savvy Investor Awards: Best Insurance Asset Management Paper 2015

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WINNER: Patpatia & Associates

2015 Insurance Asset Management Analysis - The Bridge to Corporate Profitability

This excellent 120-page report from Patpatia & Associates provides a comprehensive guide to investment practices and policies within US and global insurance asset management. The document analyses the variations in strategy for different business lines, such as life & annuity business, property & casualty, and health insurers. It also considers investment strategies in the reinsurance sector; insurance investment operations, ALM, and policy and practice within a variety of asset classes. It looks at outsourcing of investment management by insurers, and the methods used to select fund managers for insurance portfolios.


Rethinking Risk In A Less Certain World: The Investment Strategies of Global Insurers by BlackRock

Commissioned by BlackRock and produced by the The Economist Intelligence Unit, this report investigates the outlook for investment strategy and investor sentiment at insurance companies around the world with respect to asset allocation and fixed-income portfolios.

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