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Best Innovations Paper 2017

Savvy Awards 2017 Fixed Income


Disruptive Innovations: Ten More Things to Stop and Think About
The fifth edition in this fascinating series on Disruptive Innovations covers: Blockchain in Commodities,The Citizen Developer, CRISPR-Based Gene Editing, Hyperloop, IoT Payments, Liquid Biopsy, Smart Robotic Tools, Unmanned Commercial Aircraft, and other themes.


Technology Transforms the Financial Landscape: Do Not Underestimate It by BlackRock
Central bank policy has driven global markets for the past decade, but investors must pay more attention to secular forces, such as technological innovation and demographic trends, that are transforming the economic and financial landscape.

Artificial Intelligence: It's Not the Future, It's Now by Capital Group
Possibly the most disruptive and transformative advancement since the Industrial Revolution, AI is ready to kick-start the next wave of innovation, potentially providing extraordinary opportunities for companies and investors.

Invested in Disruption: IQ Magazine Q3/Q4 2017 by SSGA
As the pace of disruption accelerates, game-changing shifts are examined, redefining ideas around value and investment performance, as well as how investors can navigate this new landscape.

Robo-advice: A true innovation in asset management by Deutsche Bank
This report by Deutsche Bank explores the ascendency of robo-advice within the asset and wealth management industry. In addition to providing a helpful introduction, it examines the pros and cons of this innovation.

Real use cases for Blockchain and DLT in the Asset Management sector by KPMG
This 11-page paper offers real and practical examples of how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) operate in the asset management space. KPMG examines specific areas where DLT and blockchain are disrupting the status quo.

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