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Best ESG Paper 2016

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WINNER: Norges Bank Investment Management

Responsible Investment Report 2015 
This detailed paper from Norges Bank Investment Management provides a comprehensive report of how NBIM operates in the area of responsible investing. The report explains the purposes behind NBIM's responsible investing philosophy and the main pillars of its process. It covers the standards set, the research undertaken, and the approach taken to company engagement and voting. Finally, the document describes NBIM's approach to risk management, the environment and risk-based divestments.


Exploring ESG: A Practitioner's Perspective by BlackRock
This paper by BlackRock provides important insights into ESG matters from the viewpoint of a fiduciary investor acting on asset owners' behalf. The authors define three key areas in which fund managers integrate ESG factors. They also describe the current ESG disclosure initiatives landscape across regulatory bodies and organizations. They conclude with recommendations for policymakers.

ESG - Road Blocks or the Road to Integration? by FTSE Russell
There is a growing trend, particularly amongst larger asset owners, to consider ESG factors within core investment processes. The level of sophistication varies between markets and institutions, but the momentum is clear. This seven-page study explores some of the perceived obstacles to applying an ESG framework to the stock selection process, and sets out practical ways of achieving a successful integration.

Sustainable Signals: The Asset Manager Perspective by Morgan Stanley
Sustainable investing has entered the mainstream, with two-thirds of asset managers surveyed now aiming to achieve competitive market-rate financial returns alongside positive social and/or environmental impact and with nearly nine in 10 familiar with the practice. This surge in activity has been spurred by rising investor demand and media coverage, resulting in a proliferation of new products from specialist and mainstream asset management firms.

The impact of ethical investing on returns, volatility and income by Newton Investment Management
Faith-based investors, charities and institutions are rapidly adopting more ethical investment approaches to their strategies. It goes without saying: ethical investing is now a mainstream issue. There however have been some studies that question the idea of imposing such constraints on an investment portfolio. This paper, by Drs Lucius Li and Chendi Zhang, analyses the impacts of commonly applied ethical frameworks. The authors seek to provide an independent and academic starting point for interested investors.


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