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Best Emerging Markets Paper 2018

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  • 04 Dec 2018
  • Updated 06 Dec 2018

FTSE Russell wins "Best Emerging Markets Paper 2018"

In this year's award-winning papers there is a particular emphasis on China, reflecting the need for asset allocators to fully understand the opportunities presented as Chinese financial markets become increasingly accessible to international investors.

Emerging Markets 2018


Understanding China's Economic and Market Developments (FTSE Russell)

China's economic transformation in the last 50 years has been breathtaking. As financial markets increasingly open up to overseas investors, asset allocators will want to stay abreast of the opportunities presented. This 55-page paper from FTSE Russell describes the ongoing developments in Chinese equity and fixed income markets, documenting how the opportunity set is changing in both stocks and bonds.


Mapping shadow banking in China: structure and dynamics (BIS)

This 42-page document is a fantastic resource for economists, strategists and portfolio managers wishing to understand the dynamics of the shadow banking system in China. BIS has developed an illustrated diagram and map to explain the structure of the shadow banking system and the ways in which entities within the system are related to one another. The paper reports that the dynamics of this system are changing rapidly and becoming ever-more complicated.

Reaping the Returns: 25 years of EMD investing (NN Investment Partners)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

The EMD opportunity set has evolved considerably in the past 25 years. NNIP explains that EMs have undergone dramatic economic improvement and today they present a compelling source of returns for all kinds of investors.

Investment Insights: The multi-asset opportunity in China (UBS Asset Management)

UBS Asset Management considers the merits of a multi-asset exposure to China, given the opening of China's capital markets and the addition of Chinese equity and debt securities to major global indices.

EM Roundtable: Is the emerging market story over? (Macquarie Investment Management)

Macquarie's EM portfolio managers share their insights on EM underperformance in early 2018, as well as the outlook, risks, and opportunities for these economies.

Rethinking Asia allocations: The investment world's distorted view (Fidelity International)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the UK & Europe

Many global investors underestimate the modernisation of the APAC region and have historically under-allocated to it. As a result, they may now be playing catch up to its potential.

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