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Asset Management Distribution - Rewards for Excellence

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  • 13 September 2017
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16 Top Papers on Asset Management Distribution

According to a McKinsey white paper, only one-third of an asset management firm's growth is explained by its investment performance. The other two-thirds is explained by its distribution and "sales alpha". How can firms develop an effective framework for asset management distribution?

A recent eVestment white paper suggests five fundamental principles to be followed for distribution excellence. Other reports selected by our Research Team pertain to a variety of topics around asset management distribution. We've also highlighted a study from Heidrick & Struggles, which details compensation levels in asset management distribution. All papers are free to access for members registered with the Savvy Investor platform.

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Five Fundamentals for Distribution Excellence (eVestment, Sept 2017)
eVestment discusses the difficulties of achieving distribution excellence and explain a disciplined, integrated approach which they refer to as "The Distribution Excellence Framework".

Compensation in Asset Management Distribution (Heidrick & Struggles, Sept 2017)
This latest report by H&S, on asset management distribution, includes the results of a wide-ranging survey and presents market insights to help asset management firms build their teams and strategies.

Benchmark your Global Fund Distribution 2017 (PwC)
PwC delves into the world of global fund distribution. It explains its evolution, benchmarking, target markets for distribution, the top 100 cross-border management groups, and more.

The world’s 300 largest pension funds (Willis Towers Watson, Sept 2017)
Willis Towers Watson provides invaluable insights throughout this 47-page paper into the financial state of the largest 300 pension funds in the world

Manager Selection: Shining a Light on Shadow Searches (eVestment, May 2017)
eVestment explores how institutional investors and consultants are approaching manager selection. They explain "Shadow Searches", selection trends and how managers can best position themselves.

Asset Management 2017: The Innovator's Advantage (Boston Consulting Group)
This report by the BCG takes a detailed look at the state of, and outlook for, the global asset management industry. They reflect on challenges within the industry and the return to growth of AuM.

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution? (Deloitte, 2016)
Fintech could be an industry game changer. This report by Deloitte seeks to describe the impact this recent phenomenon is having on the distribution model of the industry and the strategies to be adopted by incumbent players.

Asset Management 2020: Taking stock (PwC, 2017)
This 15-page paper by PwC takes a detailed look at the asset management investment landscape. The authors discuss industry fees, fund distribution, ETFs, and more.

UK Investment Management Salary Survey 2017 (Mason Blake)
This survey reveals compensation levels across a variety of investment roles, covering marketing and distribution, investment analysis, finance, risk & compliance, and investment operations. The analysis is split by role and experience.

How will Blockchain impact the Financial Industry? (Robeco, 2016)
Robeco explains the distributed ledger technology, transaction flows and the eco-system of blockchain. The paper then explores the ways in which DLT might transform asset management in the future. 

Real use cases for Blockchain in the Asset Management sector (KPMG, 2017)
The authors examine specific areas where blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are disrupting the status quo for asset managers and their value chains, by cutting through the hype of new technology.

B2B Customer Experience in the Asset Management Industry (KPMG, June 2017)
This paper discusses the importance of commercial relationships within Asset Management and explores the moments that matter within a lifecycle of a business relationship.

Hedge Fund Flows and Name Gravitas (2017)
Investors allocate more flows to hedge funds whose names exhibit gravitas. However, names with gravitas are also associated with abnormal negative performance, this paper reveals.

Global Investment Management Fees: New Savings, New Challenges (bfinance, 2017)
New bfinance data reveals falling fees in several sectors, especially where providers have been under pressure from cheaper competitors or the investment landscape has evolved.

Distributed Ledger Technology: A new model for asset management (PwC, 2017)
PwC explain their research in creating a common understanding of the Distributed Ledger Technology between ten key players, as well as the development of a proof of concept using Blockchain technology in asset management.

Best Practices in Formal Meetings with Investment Consultants
This popular paper from Greenwich Associates guides asset management firms through the preparation, execution and follow-up of formal meetings with investment consulting firms.

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