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Business strategy and 'growth readiness' in the investment industry

State Street releases new interactive tool to assess "growth readiness"

How can you measure your firm's growth potential and capabilities against your competitors? How can you compare your business strategy to that of your peers? It a question rarely asked, but which is fundamental to our businesses and careers.

State Street has developed an interactive "Growth Benchmarking Tool", which allows you to select a peer group, and then to assess your firm's "growth readiness" against your peers in that sector.

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The State Street Growth Readiness Indicator and Benchmarking Tool
State Street's "Growth Benchmarking Tool" is based on data from State Street’s 2017 survey of more than five hundred asset managers, asset owners and insurers. The tool allows users to examine how their "growth readiness" compares with similar companies within their peer group.

Sector-Specific Reports

In addition, State Street has released four sector-specific reports, relating to “growth readiness” in specific industry sectors…

Growth Readiness for Asset Management Firms: The Science Of Competing at Scale
Radical changes are transforming the asset management industry. As the stress on current business models intensifies, State Street argues that managers who apply a scientific approach to their business strategies will be better positioned to thrive. This report sets out three keys to growth, arguing that managers should concentrate their resources into "smart growth" strategies that can differentiate their value proposition.

Growth Readiness for Pensions and Asset Owners: The Power of Asset Intelligence
How can institutional investors be more successful in protecting and growing the assets that have been entrusted to them? This report from State Street identifies key areas that asset owners should prioritize to strengthen their growth strategies.

Growth Readiness for Insurers: Capturing Opportunity through Technology
What strategies should insurance institutions employ to grow both their investments and their customer base? This report argues that insurers need to reprogram their operating models for a new kind of growth, and they must embrace advanced technologies to make it happen. In an environment of regulatory complexity, demographic shifts and digital advances, the report sets out three keys to growth.

Growth Readiness for Alternative Asset Managers: Adapting for Growth
As the investment industry environment transforms faster than ever before, alternative asset managers’ ability to adapt their business models is being tested in the extreme. State Street examines the "new rules of engagement" and sets out three keys to growth for alternatives firms.

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