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Growing an Asset Management business: top white papers

Building a successful Asset Management business

The Institutional Asset Management marketplace is continuing to evolve, with senior management seeking to grow AUM and revenue both organically and via M&A. Below, we have selected white papers, surveys and reports which cover a variety of relevant industry topics.

London asset management industry trends white papers

Asset Management: Achieving Multi-Market Growth (State Street, Jul 2018)
Despite rising geopolitical and regulatory uncertainty, research from State Street shows that asset managers are positive about their prospects for increasing cross-border fund sales to investors globally.

M&A in the Asset Management Space (eVestment, Jul 2018)
As the investment management industry continues to evolve, eVestment describes a methodology for identifying and assessing potential asset management targets for acquisition or merger.

Forward-looking solutions for leading asset management firms (Deloitte, 2018)
This report by Deloitte examines the rapid digitisation of the asset management industry. Its authors explore how technology is shaping the industry and why firms must develop and implement innovative and effective solutions for the future.

Global Asset Management Salaries by Job Type and Region (Mid-2018 Review)
This selection of Savvy Investor blog posts providing free links to the best asset management salary surveys for different regions.

Parting of the Ways? Global Asset Management Regulation (KPMG, June 2018)
This 63-page report by KPMG examines some of the trends within global asset management regulation.

Passive Investing: Reshaping the Investment Landscape (CREATE-Research, 2018)
The rise of passive funds is an outstanding phenomenon of this decade. However, the debate has been confined to academia and the blogosphere. To restore some balance, this report (a collaboration between DWS Asset Management and CREATE-Research) canvasses the views of large investors on the front line.

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends (bfinance, May 2018)
This 26-page quarterly report by bfinance provides interesting and important insights into key manager intelligence and market developments within the alternative, fixed income and equity asset classes.

Trends in the European Fund Industry Q1 2018 (EFAMA)
This 14-page document by the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) highlights some of the key trends in the European investment industry during the period Q1 2018.

Brand Awareness: Assessing the Impact on Asset Manager Growth (eVestment)
Brand awareness is an important driver in the growth of institutional asset managers of all sizes. It answers the question, how familiar are investors with your firm and your products? This eVestment paper tries to quantify this intangible.

Japan's Asset Management Business 2017/2018 (NRI)
The Japanese asset management industry’s AUM increased by ¥30trn during FY2016. This report by the Nomura Research Institute takes a big picture view of the Japan’s asset management industry. It asks whether the industry can meet the public’s expectations of it.

2018 Rankings: The top foreign asset management firms in China (Z-Ben Advisors)
Z-Ben Advisors’ China Rankings examines which global asset managers are doing China right. The past year has been defined by a market that has continued to open-up and global asset managers are rapidly expanding their businesses.

Trends in the Expenses and Fees of US Funds, 2017 (ICI, April 2018)
This paper by the Investment Company Institute details trends in the expenses and fees of investment funds. On average, expense ratios for long-term mutual funds have declined substantially for more than 20 years.

UK Asset Managers and their gender pay gaps (FT, 2018)
The FT provides a list of the top UK asset management firms and their gender pay gaps for pay and bonuses.

Beyond Brexit: A New Partnership with the EU for UK Asset Managers (July 2018)
This document sets out the Investment Association's priorities for the Brexit negotiations, and the organisation's ambition for a new partnership between the UK and the EU.

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