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Investment Markets Outlook - April 2017

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  • 11 April 2017
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Global Investment Strategy April 2017

Our round-up of the best papers from the last few weeks, examining the Global Investment Outlook.

Savvy Investor markets outlook

JP Morgan Quarterly Guide To The Markets - Q2 2017
The "Guide to the Markets" is a quarterly document, examining the global economic outlook and exploring the key determinants of financial market returns for the period ahead. Different versions are available for readers in US/Canada, Europe, UK, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

The Future of Emerging Market Equities (BNP Paribas, Apr 2017)
Investors have been dismayed by the under-performance of emerging market (EM) equities compared to developed market (DM) equities over the last several years. Is the recent rebound in relative performance structural or just temporary mean reversion? 

Equity Volatility: It's Quiet Out There, Too Quiet (T.Rowe Price, Apr 2017)
In recent months, equity markets have displayed abnormally low levels of volatility, particular given the uncertain economic, political and earnings backdrop. In this report, T.Rowe Price examines this recent phenomenon and its implications.

Stocks/Bonds: The Fire and Ice Debate (MAN Group, Mar 2017)
For the last two hundred and fifty years, the correlation between stocks and bonds has been consistently positive. But in the last twenty years, the correlation has become negative.

Credit Quarterly Outlook Q2 2017: Boom and Bust (Robeco)
Robeco's fixed income experts consider the outlook for credit markets in the period ahead.

From Stall Speed to Reflation: A Turning Point for Investing (PineBridge)
Markets have finally entered a new regime of improving confidence, growth, leverage, and prices. How should investors navigate this new regime?

Global Investment Outlook Q2 2017 (BlackRock, Apr 2017)
BlackRock's experts discuss the outlook for markets in an environment where reflation is going global - heralded by inflation expectations, core inflation and wages, and a synchronized pick-up in economic activity indicators.

RBC GAM Quarterly Global Investment Outlook - Spring 2017
Royal Bank of Canada provide in-depth analysis of global strategy issues.

Understanding political risk in markets (Standard Life, Mar 2017)
The events of 2016 provided a number of political upsets, each with a powerful effect upon financial markets. In this report, Standard Life aims to help the reader understand just what makes politics “tick”.

Emerging Markets: Risks Remain, But Reasons for Optimism (William Blair, Mar 2017)
Valuations are attractive. Corporate earnings have improved. External imbalances are better than they were in previous periods of stress. These and a number of other factors support future emerging market performance.

Geopolitics and Investing: The Normality of the Unexpected (Pioneer, Mar 2017)
Global geopolitical changes will be the major risk to investment in 2017. This 14-page paper by Pioneer Investments explores the relationship between geopolitics, markets and investment strategy.

State Street Global Advisors 2017 Cash Outlook: State of the Markets
State Street argues that cash investing is entering a new era of increased resiliency and liquidity—propelled by US money fund reform, upcoming reforms in the EU and a new regulatory-friendly regime in Washington.

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