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Alternative Investing - Top Papers Q1 2018

The Top Alternative Investing Papers from Q1

This quarter, we lead with a paper from Preqin which has been published specifically for members of Savvy Investor!

We've separated the papers into five handy sections, including sections on infrastructure, hedge funds, real assets and real estate, and private markets.

Savvy Investor

Preqin Fund Manager Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2018
This report by Preqin surveys over 550 private capital firms and 360 hedge funds to compile the most comprehensive fund manager outlook report covering the alternative assets industry.

Intellectual Property as a Real Asset (Barings, 2018)
Barings examines the characteristics of Intellectual Property and shows how this could be seen as an asset class which matches the overlapping definitions of a real asset.

Can Absolute Return Protect Against the Comeback of Volatility (Intech Investments, 2018)
This paper examines how absolute return strategies hold the potential for improving portfolio efficiency and protecting on the downside.

Alternative Investments: A Primer for Investment Professionals (CFA Institute Research Foundation, 2018)
This paper provides an overview of alternative investments for an institutional asset allocator or overseer of a portfolio containing both traditional and alternative assets.


Social Infrastructure in Europe: Private Investment Opportunities (Franklin Templeton, 2018)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region)
Social infrastructure is defined as the physical assets that facilitate social services, helping build strong communities. This paper by Franklin Templeton explores some of the European investment opportunities.

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure (KPMG, 2018)
Especially considering the uncertainty and disruption that occurred over the past year, one could easily be dismayed about the future of global infrastructure. Yet great opportunities lie ahead, as this KPMG report demonstrates.


Preqin Special Report: Top Performing Hedge Funds in 2017 (Mar 2018)
Using Preqin data, hedge fund performance for top funds is examined over a one and three year time horizon, plus other funds’ that consistently performed during the last three and five years.

Hedge Fund Outlook for 2018 – No Grit, No Pearl (Callan)
This report by Callan provides a framework for developing current return expectations and determining the appeal of a hedge fund allocation.


2018 Global Real Estate Market Outlook (CBRE)
This real estate outlook report by CBRE explores innovation within the real estate sector, both in terms of services provided and flexibility, as well as other trends for the industry in 2018.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate: The global outlook for 2018 (PwC)
Real estate has rewarded investors with strong returns, despite falling interest rates and established business models. The positive outlook for the global economy is a sign that the rewards will continue for some time to come.


Rethinking Real Assets (bfinance, 2018)
In the post-GFC era, investors diversified towards real assets, but more emphasis in recent years has been place on diversification within real assets. Is this beneficial in a late stage market cycle?

Global Real Assets Outlook: Adapting to a dynamic investment environment (BlackRock, 2018)
This BlackRock report takes a dive into the world of real assets. The asset class has seen some of the strongest allocation growth of all asset classes in recent years.


The Art of Originating & Sourcing Private Assets (Barings)
Since there is no formal market where buyers and sellers of private assets can interact, the ability to originate/source deals is critical to successful investment in these assets. So, where and how are deals found?

Asset Allocation Framework for Investors with Illiquid Private Assets (PGIM, 2018)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the USA)
The segmentation of portfolios into liquid and illiquid partitions is something that many investors may be comfortable with already, but in this paper, PGIM asks what the optimal mix is for illiquid and liquid assets for long-term investors.

Global Private Equity Report 2018 (Bain & Company)
Bain & Company presents their flagship Global Private Equity Report for 2018, complete with a summary of PE activity in 2017, the implications of the flood of capital raised for buyouts, and stiff competition pushing up valuations.

Preqin Special Report: Private Capital Compensation and Employment, Mar 2018
This report by Preqin explores the compensation and employment trends emerging in the world of private capital.

A Primer for Today's Secondary Private Equity Market (Blackstone, 2017)
This primer on the secondary market examines the history and potential evolution of the private equity industry, examining competition, “full” pricing, and a perceived supply and demand imbalance.

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