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Alternative Assets: Diversified returns in a volatile world

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As 2022 lumbers on, investors are looking for ways to protect their assets from rising levels of inflation. With volatility in equity markets and continually low yields in fixed income markets, many investors are unsure about how best to invest their funds.

The recovery from the worst of the global coronavirus pandemic has somewhat been halted by the geopolitical and economic fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Covid still lingering particularly in Asia.

READ NOW: Alternative Assets: diversified returns in a volatile world (Special Report, 2022)

During this time of uncertainty, investors should consider alternatives to provide them with a number of potential benefits. Alternatives are a particularly diverse asset class that range from infrastructure and real estate, providing investors with stable yields, to private equity and hedge funds that offer potential alpha returns over market performance.


Alternative Assets: Diversified returns in a volatile world (Special Report, 2022)

This Special Report provides an outlook for the different sectors of the alternatives sector for the year ahead. It also shares a detailed analysis for three of the main sub sectors within the asset class and outlines performance expectations for the next few years.