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Alternative Assets and Strategies

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  • 22 Feb 2023
  • Updated 03 Mar 2023


Seeking uncorrelated returns in a volatile world

Data from various sources shows that most alternative asset classes (and strategies) enjoyed a positive 2022 – a year during which public markets witnessed increased levels of volatility. Given the attractive potential for alternative assets and strategies (such as hedge funds) to offer uncorrelated returns, investors are looking at this space closely. This handpicked selection of content is designed to help allocators investigate this universe in more detail.

Hedge Fund Industry Performance Deep Dive – Full Year 2022 (Aurum)

In this timely report, Aurum provides an in-depth look at the performance of various hedge fund strategies throughout the volatile 2022.

The Case for Secondaries (BlackRock)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States and Canada

Secondaries offer private equity investors a number of benefits that should not be ignored, highlights BlackRock in this research piece.

Despite Crypto Winter, Digital Asset Projects Are Still Thriving (Robeco)

Blockchain-based assets will continue to be disruptive. Investors should look away from speculation in cryptos and towards the real potential of this space.

The Power Of Private Real Assets (Nuveen)

Private real assets have the potential to deliver attractive uncorrelated returns to institutional investors.

Digital Finance Readiness In Investment Institutions (State Street)

Data from 300 investment institutions reveals how global allocators are adopting to the digitalisation of markets, including crypto assets.

Private Credit - All About The Yield (LGIM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

Last year was a busy period for alternative debt. Given the current macroeconomic backdrop, investors should expect pipeline growth to continue into 2023.

Podcast: Private Equity Market in 2023 (Wellington Management)

Co-Head of Private Investing, Michael Carmen talks about the direction of the global private equity sector in the months to come.

Global Crypto Regulation Report 2023 (PwC)

Regulation has levelled the playing field for crypto assets. Traditional finance needs to step up now or fear being disrupted by crypto natives.

Trail Guide to 2023 Asset Class Performance (Marquette Associates)

Private markets are illiquid asset classes that do not typically show the same sensitivity to the macroeconomic environments as their public market counterparts.