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Top 20 Whitepapers of January 2018

The Most Popular and Trending Papers from January 2018

Cruise on into 2018 with the Top 20 Whitepapers of January. Included in this list are papers covering:  return forecasts, investment mandates, DC and DB pensions, ESG trends, PE secondaries, factor investing, and the management of fixed income portfolios.
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Institutional Investment Mandates: Anchors for Long-Term Returns (FCLT, 2018)
FCLT is a not-for-profit organisation, created by leading institutional investors to encourage a long-term approach to investment. This report is designed to help asset owners and asset managers define mandates that are in line with their long-term goals.

2018 ESG Trends to Watch (MSCI, Jan 2018)
This white paper by MSCI explores five key trends that, in the authors' view, will shape how investors approach the ESG risks and opportunities on the horizon.

10 Best Practices for Global DC Plans (SSGA)
SSGA identifies 10 best practices for global DC pension plans, including - establishing a clear and flexible governance framework, deciding on a global investment philosophy, promoting higher savings rates, and seeking other efficiencies.

A Primer for Today's Secondary Private Equity Market (Blackstone)
This primer examines the secondary private equity industry's recent history and how it might evolve going forward, addressing concerns about increasing competition and supply-demand imbalances for secondaries.

2018 Long-Term Capital Market Expectations (Franklin Templeton Investments)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region)
Franklin Templeton's 2018 Long-Term Capital Market Expectations hold a time horizon of the next 5 to 10 years, the average length of a typical US business cycle.

Complete Guide to Smart Beta: Beyond Active and Passive (SSGA)
This SSGA guide introduces each of the 5 broadly accepted factors, the research behind them, and the potential benefits they can offer investors.

When It Comes to Momentum, Don't Cramp My Style (Axioma, Jan 2018)
This initial report focuses on portfolios tilting on This report by Axioma focuses on their Medium-Term Momentum factor and the characteristics and results that ensue when constraints are added to a particular optimization.

Equity Valuation: Science, Art, or Craft? (CFA Institute Research Foundation)
In this paper by CFA Institute Research Foundation, the authors interview PM, directors of research, and CIOs in order to investigate how non-consensus beliefs on stock valuations are formed.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Reading VIX® (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
The meaning of a given VIX level is often misunderstood. This document serves as an introduction to, and summary of, “Reading VIX: Does VIX Predict Future Volatility?”

2018 Investment Outlook (Invesco)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies)
Some 2017 macro developments still have uncertain impacts: Brexit, US tax reform, North Korea's nuclear policy and testing practices, oil price volatility, and other elections in geopolitical hotspots.

Global Economic Perspective (Franklin Templeton, Jan 2018)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region)
Within Franklin Templeton's January Global Economic Perspectives, recent economic topics include: US tax changes, continued global expansion, commodity demand, and ECB policy

The impact of DB transfers on the UK pensions industry (Willis Towers Watson)
The impacts upon members, DB schemes, and their sponsors are far-reaching. This article identifies key issues related to the impact of pension freedoms. 

Bringing Balance to Income Portfolios: Controlling Bond Market Risk (AB)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the Americas)

Each major bond market risk pays off over time, but usually not at the same time. AB looks at why managing both interest rates and credit risk in one portfolio could offer income-minded investors a better risk/return trade-off.

The Impact of Brand Awareness on Asset Manager Growth (eVestment)
In this paper, eVestment attempts to quantify brand awareness based upon consultant reviews in order to aid institutional asset managers.

Why China A-Shares, Why Now? (William Blair, 2018)
In this paper, members of our Global Equity team discuss the China A-Share opportunity, and why institutional investors may want to consider actively allocating to this market.

Barings Quarterly Investment Outlook (Jan 2018)
In their quarterly outlook, Barings reviews sub-sector outlooks in detail, across fixed income, equities, alternatives, and multi-asset.

Japan's Asset Management Business 2017/2018 (NRI)
This report by the Nomura Research Institute takes a big picture view of Japan’s asset management industry. It asks whether the industry can meet the public’s expectations of it.

New Risk Metrics for a New World (Swan Global Investments, 2018)
A new problem has arisen - how should performance and risk management standards be applied to an alternative fund that is managed as an uncorrelated product with low systematic risk?

The Role of the Corporation in Society (Eaton Vance Institutional, Jan 2018)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the USA and Canada)
This first paper in the Calvert-Serafeim Series examines ways that sustainable business practices may impact financial valuations, as well as the valuation premium enjoyed by sustainability leaders in equity and fixed income markets.

Words From the Wise - An AQR interview with Ed Thorp (Jan 2018)
The team at AQR Capital Management visits with Ed Thorp in order to pick his brain about topics such as quantitative investing and casino gambling.

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