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The Top 12 White Papers In August 2015

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Here is a selection of our most popular content from August:

1. Transforming World Atlas: Maps of Investment themes (BofAML)

Fascinating infographics illustrating BofA Merrill Lynch's favorite secular and cyclical investment themes, including allocation of scarce human resources, scarce natural resources and scarce financial capital.

2. Has China just pressed the escape button? (Gavyn Davies)

Gavyn's Davies' analysis of China's renminbi devaluation and what it means for global financial markets.

3. Front Office and Asset Management Salaries - The Outlook for 2015

Two documents from Michael Page and Greenwich Associates setting out avarage compensation levels (salary plus bonus) across a variety of front office banking and asset management roles in the UK and US.

4. Five-Year Return Forecasts for Major Asset Classes (Northern Trust)

How much life is left in the cyclical force of rising profit margins and asset prices valuations to counter the structural expectation for continually slow growth? Northern Trust analyses the 5-year outlook.

5. The Hedge Fund Landscape in 2015 (Towers Watson)

This 44 page report seeks to provide useful insights for institutional investors who either have direct hedge fund portfolios or are considering direct investment in hedge funds.

6. Private Equity Salaries Around the World (Various, 2015)

We have three different reports on Private Equity compensation; detailed guides for packages in USA, UK and Asia.

7. Long-Term US Interest Rates: A Survey (Council of Economic Advisers)

The reasons behind today's low long-term interest rates - and how long these low levels will persist for - is one of the most pressing questions currently facing macroeconomists. This report surveys recent thinking on the drivers of long-term interest rates and examines the future outlook.

8. Finding Big Alpha in Big Data: The Evolution of Active Investing

The world of data is exploding. How could this development reshape the asset management landscape? And what do today's investors need to understand about “big data?” 

9. The next big Fed move will be to EASE - not to tighten (Ray Dalio)

A controversial view from Ray Dalio, who believes the next big Fed move could involve an ease (via QE) rather than a tightening. He clarifies that he is not denying that a tightening could precede an easing; instead, he argues that the next big easing will come before the next big tightening. 

10. Choosing 'Smart Beta' Factor - Not Which, But When (Northern Trust)

Investors concerned with factor-based investing will normally ask, “WHICH factor should I choose?” Northern Trust's research suggests that investors should instead be asking, “WHEN should each factor be favoured?”

11. Investing for the Long Term - How Effective Is Pension Fund Governance?

How Effective Is Pension Fund Governance? Do Pension Funds Invest For The Long-Term? Continuing a series of survey-based research projects.

12. Market Liquidity: A Primer (Brookings Institution)

The paper helps readers understand some basics of financial market liquidity, before going into an analysis of the causes of the recent lack of bond market liquidity and examining the likely future environment.

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