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The Top 15 White Papers In July 2015

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  • 30 July 2015
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As Savvy Investor continues to grow, we bring you another update of the top white papers from the last month. We'd really appreciate it if you took a moment to share this on LinkedIn.

1. The Hedge Fund Landscape in 2015 (Towers Watson)

This 44 page report is designed to educate institutional investors who have direct hedge fund portfolios or would consider making a direct investment in hedge funds.

2. Market Liquidity: A Primer (Brookings Institution, 2015)

The paper helps readers understand some basics of financial market liquidty, before going into an analysis of the causes of the recent lack of bond market liquidity and examining the likely future environment.

3. Insurance Asset Management (Patpatia Associates, 2015)

Given the rarity of really good reports on insurance asset management, we were delighted to stumble across this absolute gem from Patpatia & Associates - a “must-read” report for anyone in insurance asset management.

4. US Asset Management Compensation Survey (Greenwich Associates)

Compiled by Greenwich Associates and Johnson Associates, showing median salary and bonus for analysts, traders and portfolio managers, working in equity and fixed income.

5. UK Front Office and Asset Management Salaries - 2015

This 15 page document from Michael Page sets out average compensation levels (salary plus bonus) across a variety of front office banking and asset management roles in the UK.

6. JP Morgan Quarterly Guide To The Markets - Europe (July 2015)

From JP Morgan, a comprehensive, 70 page quarterly assessment of global investment markets; the financial markets in pictures, overflowing with tables and charts. 

7. Designing DC Pensions - Employees Want More (Northern Trust, 2015)

The authors identify a five-point plan to be followed by sponsors of US DC plans. They argue that these steps will improve the DC retirement system and create a more-secure retirement for employees.

8. Forecasting Long Term Equity Returns (Various, 2015)

We have three great papers on the site, from JP Morgan, Research Affiliates and BNY Mellon, which each set out a process for forecasting long-run capital market returns.

9. UK Pension Fund Indicators (UBS, 2015)

Pension Fund Indicators is an objective and educational source of investment data and practical explanations, covering the range of investments available to pension funds and the various techniques for combining them. 

10. Factor-based investing (Vanguard, 2015)

This paper explores the practicalities, applications, and potential benefits of factor investing, to answer whether factor-based investing will succeed the test of time.

11. Private Equity Salaries Around the World (Various, 2015)

We have three different reports on Private Equity compensation; detailed guides for packages in USA, UK and Asia.

12. Smart Beta - A Framework for Assessing Factors and Implementing Strategies (2015)

A three-step guide for investors seeking to establish the strength of a factor premium. Also the merits of an active versus a passive approach to factor implementation, and smart beta index construction.

13. Six key business imperatives identified for alternative asset managers (PwC, 2015)

This report considers the changes we are likely to see in the alternative asset management industry landscape over the coming years, before identifying six fundamental business imperatives and suggesting how these can be successfully implemented by managers.

14. CFA Principles for Investment Reporting

The Principles for Investment Reporting have a specific focus on reporting to existing clients, whilst the GIPS standards primarily consider presentation to prospective clients).

15. KPMG Survey of UK Liability-Driven Investing (July, 2015)

The UK LDI market continues to grow strongly, with over £660bn of liabilities now believed to be hedged. This definitive survey of the UK LDI marketplace reveals that an additional 200 LDI mandates were deployed in 2014.