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Superannuation - the top white papers

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  • 12 June 2015
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We've curated a range of papers on Australian superannuation. Here is a flavour of some of the best papers:

1. Supertrends - The trends shaping Australia's superannuation industry (KPMG, 2015)

This 40 page report from KPMG examines the trends influencing the superannuation industry, including cost cutting challenges, industry consolidation, demographic change, ESG factors, superannuation insurance and the impact of new technology.

2. International superannuation governance trends and how Australia stacks up (AIST, 2015)

This 10 page document from AIST, posted by Karen Volpato, examines the current superannuation governance environment in Australia and how it compares with global trends.

3. Long-Term Investing - Portfolio Guide (New Zealand Superannuation Fund, 2015)

This 60 page report considers actions that asset owners could take to reorient investment strategy and investment processes towards the long term. The document outlines a plan of action in five key areas: investment philosophy, statement of risk appetite, investment benchmarks, manager evaluation and incentives, and investment mandates.

4. The world's 300 largest pension funds (Towers Watson, 2015)

This 47 page report from Towers Watson reveals that sixteen of the world's top 300 pension funds are based in Australia. The report shows data by type, region, DB/DC and asset allocation by region.

5. Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: Lessons from Australia and Canada (Rotman ICPM)

Australian and Canadian pension funds have been early adopters and infrastructure investment pioneers since the early nineties. They also currently have the world’s highest allocations to the infrastructure asset class. This article compares the experiences of pension funds in the two countries.

6. Superannuation in Post-Retirement: Search for a comprehensive income product (2015)

Up until recently, the spotlight in Australian superannuation has focused on the accumulation of pension pots. However, over time this needs to change to a focus on how the Australian system might work more effectively in the time after retirement.

7. Australia - the future of retirement income (SSGA, 2015)

For Australians seeking to draw down from their pensions pots, there has been much debate on minimum withdraw levels. However, for most retirees the most pressing issue is the opposite; what is the maximum level of income than can be withdrawn in a sustainable fashion? In this 12 page paper, SSGA examine this question, in conjunction with the ASFA.

8. Managing currency exposure in Australian superannuation funds (Russell Investments)

In this concise yet excellent 12 page Q&A, Russell Investments's Asia-Pacific CEO shares his insights and experience in managing currency exposures from the perspective of an Australian superannuation fund.

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