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Super governance - are you following best practices?


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Here are some of the best white papers on the subject of superannuation governance:

1. Fiduciary Primer: Best practices for managing an investment pool (Pavilion, 2015)

Although originally written for a North American audience, this 40 page paper is a helpful document for all Investment Committee members, running funds of all types. The paper covers members’ roles and responsibilities, fund governance, conflicts of interest, and ethics, as well as investment principles and processes, asset manager selection and investment fees.

2. International superannuation governance - how Australia stacks up (2015)

A 12 page report from Karen Volpato of AIST, analysing the Australian backdrop for superannuation governance. Karen examines how the landscape is changing and how it compares globally. The paper explores Trust Law, the "Equal Representation" model and discusses the requirement for independent directors.

3. Long-Term Investing - Portfolio Guide (New Zealand Superannuation Fund, 2015)

This in-depth report from NZ Super examines steps institutional investors might take to re-position their investment processes for the long term. With a particular focus on investment philosophy, risk appetite, benchmarks and mandates.

4. Long Term Investing: What Determines Investment Horizon?

Research conducted in collaboration with the Australia Future Fund. The paper examines the investment process and whether the design implies or encourages a short-term of a long-term perspective on decision-making. A specific focus is on how investment decisions are taken, made, in particular how they relate to long-term value and return drivers.

5. 2015 Long-term Investing Report - Taking a long-term view (Russell)

This report from Russell urges Australian investors to broaden their horizons further, and to rely less on local asset classes to achieve their investment objectives.

6. How Effective Is Pension Fund Governance? Do Funds Invest Long-Term? (KPA, 2015)

A detailed global survey, which suggests that better pension fund governance will tend to lead to a longer-term approach. The report suggests that although global pensions governance is improving, there is still much to be done.


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