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Savvy Investor's Pick of May 2021's Top Papers

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  • 27 May 2021
  • Updated 01 Jun 2021

Top Investment Papers Uploaded in May

The Savvy Content Team brings you its selection of the best papers uploaded during May. We aim to present an eclectic mix of papers across a diverse range of topics and from a variety of contributors. We'd love to know what you think about our selection. Drop us a line at

During the month, papers on the investment industry, the merits of investing internationally ex-USA, and a new approach to portfolio construction were among the highlights we spotted and which we think will appeal to our members.

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A new approach to portfolio formation (State Street, 2021)

State Street outlines a new approach to portfolio construction that allows for changing circumstances while accepting that most investors care about performance measured over a variety of time frames.

Multi-Factor Strategies to Diversify Credit Portfolios (BNP Paribas AM, 2021)

BNP Paribas AM's paper highlights the diversification benefits gained by portfolios that use a multi-factor approach when managing corporate credit portfolios.

Thematic Universe Classification: Megatrends (WisdomTree Investments, 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the UK & Europe

WisdomTree Investments provides a classification system for thematic investing that identifies four main thematic clusters and 35 specific investment themes. They delve into the rotational nature of some of the themes and suggest approaches investors might consider using in order to gain exposure to particular themes.

The World in 2030: 10 predictions for long-term investors (Capital Group, 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Capital Group’s paper highlights what it considers ten of the most exciting and potentially life-changing developments likely to prove rewarding for investors.

Invest with Impact in Equities (Case Study) (BlackRock, 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States and Canada

BlackRock believes public equity markets have historically been overlooked in the impact investing space, and sees them playing a growing and indispensable role in the impact ecosystem.

Testing the Limits of Reflation (KKR, 2021)

KKR's comprehensive report looks at the arguments around global reflation, looking at several different metrics, and examines whether the inflation phenomenon will occur and can be sustained.

Energy Transition Investment Trends (BloombergNEF, 2021)

This report from BloombergNEF looks at the key trends underway in the clean tech space, including investment in energy transition, green finance issuance, and investment in battery manufacturing.

McKinsey on Investing (McKinsey & Company, 2021)

McKinsey consultants provide insights from across the field of investment, including articles on PE investing, how investors can contribute to positive societal change, and the implications of the coronavirus pandemic for a range of different investor types.

Tilting the Odds in Your Favour (Baillie Gifford, May 2021)

Stephen Corr, Client Service Director at Baillie Gifford, argues investors should consider the attractions of international investing ex-USA, especially given the degree of outperformance by U.S. markets in recent times.

2021 U.S. Agriculture and Timber Market (PGIM Real Estate)

PGIM Real Estate’s paper provides a thorough overview of U.S. agricultural and commodity markets, by both crop and region.