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Sovereign Wealth Funds - the evolution of investment models

The 10 top Sovereign Wealth Fund white papers

For our latest review of research on Sovereign Asset Management, please visit our Sovereign Asset Management white papers page or visit our latest roundup of papers on Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Invesco's fifth annual report on SWFs and central banks reveals a continuing gap between target and annual returns. The Invesco survey follows face-to-face interviews with 97 SWFs and notes a recurring evolution of business models, in response to a low yield environment.

The Savvy Research team has curated the top 10 white papers covering sovereign wealth issues. All are free to access for Savvy Investor members.

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Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study (June 2017)
(This paper is not accessible in certain geographies)
The Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study 2017 is based on 97 face-to-face interviews with leading sovereign investors, government wealth funds and central banks.

How Do Central Banks Invest? (SSGA, Feb 2017)
This paper aims to illustrate and forecast the gradual shifts in investment strategies of reserve managers coping with the low yield environment.

Central Bank Foreign Currency Reserves Management (Invesco, 2017)
(This paper is not accessible in certain geographies)
Central banks with large foreign currency positions have increasingly come under financial pressure as they face diminished or negative returns on traditional reserve assets.

Private Markets: SWFs' changing investment strategies (IFSWF, 2016)
As part of a research collaboration with, State Street. This papers looks to explore the asset allocation of SWFs.

Sovereign investor models: Managing sovereign wealth (July 2015)
This study explores different models for creating policies for managing sovereign wealth. It includes insights from leading academics, industry experts and former policymakers.

Co-investments of sovereign wealth funds in private equity (Dec 2016)
The authors of this paper study the deal structure of direct investments by SWFs in private equity transactions. Their results show the strong SWF interest in direct investments in developed markets.

SWFs: Asset Allocation for the Short- and Long-Term (IFSWF, Dec 2016)
This white paper explores challenges that International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) members face as they balance short- and long-term investment objectives and proposes specific frameworks that may be useful in this endeavour.

Asset-Liability Management — Guidance For Resource-Rich Sovereigns (IMF)
This 50-page paper by the IMF provides policymakers with a practical framework to consider the various opportunities and challenges that arise in the context of managing natural resource wealth.

Nothing Lasts Forever - The Life Cycle of a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SSGA, 2016)
This paper suggests a thought experiment for funds to reframe their goals by focusing and re-articulating their core mission. For example: What is the ultimate purpose of the fund and how would success be measured?

The Rapid Rise of Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds (FRBSF, 2015)
This paper explores the transparency, effectiveness and influence in investment activities of Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds.