Cleantech Investing

Renewable energy investing - our 3 top papers

In the past few months we have curated a range of excellent papers on cleantech investing. Here are some of the best:

1. Global trends in renewable energy investment 2015

This 16 page study analyses the trends within the various different sectors of the renweable energy markets.

2. Institutional investors and green infrastructure investments 

This informative presentation was been published by the OECD. 

3. Defining Green Investments: Implications for Asset Allocation

"Green" investments span multiple asset classes, including equity securities, fixed income investments and alternative assets. This 50 page OECD paper documents the definition of "green" assets within varying asset classes and estimates the size of "green" investment opportunities in these areas. in examining these definitions, the report seeks firstly to understand whether there is a consensus around these definitions, and whether it is possible to construct such an over-arching definition.